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Old Washtenaw Awake!

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The phalanx of the reform liberty party is now fairly organizad in this county - and ive cali upon the friends of the cause, who aro in favor of acting1 as wel! as lalking against the "sum of all villanies," to meet in County Convention, at Salem, Lapham's corners, on Weduesday the fifteenth day of September, for the full and free discussion of Üiegreat doctrines held by the liberty party. The County Central Committee have de, tcrmined that this shall he the first of a series of Convention8 to be held in different sections of the county, previous (o the fall eeqtjona. We cali upon the friends of human rigírts, in this county-to rally around the standard now erccted, and atte,nd thö convention at Salem. Let no trivial obstacle prevent your being on the sp(ot, and that right early. Grcat principies are t siake - principies which must be sustained, or our own personal liberty is jeopardized - and the three millions that are now writhing under the most abject bondage will continue lo groan without one ray of hope to light up the dark passage of tho prison house of slavery. Friends of the oppressed ! - come one - come all - and let the meeting be the best ever held in the State. And ïf so, an influence will go out from that Convention that shall teil upon the. interest of unborn millionBj and that shall cause the tyrant, Bolshazzer-like to smite his knees together for fear, and the poor toil-worn slave to rejoice ín view of the future. The Convention will go in at 9 o'clock, A. M„ and will hold through the day. The friends at Salem are of the Simon PuaE kind - Good and true - and Iheir hospiialiiies will be extended to all that may como - more or less. Persons from a distance will do Avell start the day before, or very early in the uiorning, so as to be on the spot in season. Per order of County Central Committeo,