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The Sabbath

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Probably t is not known generally thut the la%ya of tlüs State, allow tavernkeeptxt to eell intoxicaling drinks on the Sabba'.fa tp the neighbors, as well ag to travers. TJ"S lfl an eyil under the sun, which Lhould l?e etopped. According to law, these, jicensed drunkeries ma y be thtonged every gabbath with the apprentices, the joyrneymon, and laborera, ae well as] "the gentlejuen of respcctabality," of each neighborhood, provided they do not jnake disturban cesi or becomo so beastly drunk as to incur the penalty of the law for intoxication. - gucli assembües must necessarily lead to a great depreciation of the moráis of commui,ty, as well as to continued violations of hvNot long sinee a set of loafers residing, most of them in the ncigliborhood spent a part of the Sabbath at a public house near Dexter, and having drank rather freelyj (though perhapa none of them were 'dnink' d the legal acceptation of the woidj they disagreed afler leaving the hoijse, and a part of them full upou ono of the nuniber, and beat liim most cruelly, and broke his leg, aqd tó hitp ln the middle of the road. The town may have a heavy bill to pay for the supppTtand care of the injured man, and if the yogues are caught and punished as they onght to be, the county must pay another. Now the tavern keeper ouglit not to be filamed for the resvlts of the system. He told them the liquor on the Sabbath according to law, and the town board had previously declared on their oaths. that the publicgood required that il ehould bc thus sold. The real rosponsibility of the law, and the results of it, rest with the people. - (rjWoiild it nut be well lor them to think ioüerly of the propriety of choosing legislators who will lay aside all the customary debates about "coon-skins," and "hard eider," and such ridiculous mummery as was practicod last wtnter about reducing their own uay, and attond in earnest (o the remoral of the evils which so heavily afflict the iisople of the State?