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-The present is anportaal crisis n our cnterpriso of redoemjng the Stale from pros!avery influence3. - Let us all put shoulder to the wheel, and it will go fimvürJ. Should we 6iicceed in giving a large vote for tho liberty ticket, it .will teil eOectualIy on the in'.erests of our cau.e, as well as on the immediaie and future condition of both the poütical parües. Therc issuch a ihing as the balance of power in a natío or Siuío. It is nut a mere phrase -nor a figment - oor an abstraction - but an actual reality, and one ihat is novv with. in our reach. Should we secure it now, we 6hall retaio it, and sha'l go on tiiumphanily in our enterprise; but should we suffer it to slip carelessjy through our hands svhon il has fairly come inlo them, weshali be obligto wait one, two or three yeara longer before it can be secured. Our organizntion was commenced and is ■ustained for ihe purpose of carryinj out ihe great principies of poütical equality and justice towards our yhole populatiuti without distinction of color or Through the existing pro-skvery parties, it wasirnpossible to effect our object. And now, ■ince the siluation of thoae par-t es is such, that by our votes we can accomplish something effectual for tho millions of the enslav cd in our land, and for the preeervation of our owo lihertics - let us do it! We thercfore would urge upon our fi iends to be activo and vigilant where nutcli is at stake. The considerations we have thrown out in our poper to-dny will be found to have weight with that class who are disposed to vote the liberty ticket, and with those who aro hesitating what course to pursue. Let them be personally applied as opportunity may offer. Look out for lies and perversión of treth without number about this time. it cannot have escaped observation that the adherents of one party have, or think they have, a deep interest in rendering our vote as email as possible. Conscquently no pains will be Bparcd to hinder as man y as they can from joining us. A word to the wtse in this cuse will be sufiicient. OJThe editor of the Detroit Daily Advertiser, Oei, 18, has llie following compliment to the Whig Aboütionistsj - ifA Whlg abolitionist is a stubborn animal, susceptibic of being neither coaxed nor driven. He sticks to his notion8 teckless of coneequences." He then draws a concluBion from his deñnition that thcy will certainly 'vote for their man Fitch.1' A right conclusión, Mr. Advertispr. OJTlio Jews always emancípate their s'aves when they embrace the Jewish faitl . They will not holda irotherJew inslaery. Wiiat a lesson to t' e drsciples of Jesue. Hon. Jolin C. Spencer, of N. Y., has been appointed Secretary of War, nnd has ejuered oh the Outies of his office.