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The Postmastsr General has issued a Circular, requiring of all Postmasters an "unflinching discharge of their duty," in detecting and preventing the numerous frauds which are attempted to be practised on the Government, by writing on the wrapper or the margin of newspapers and pamphlets, sent by mail, enclosing memoranda or other things within them, underscoring, dotting, or pricking letters or words, and by various other devices with a view to evade the legal postage. Papers or wrappers used in the manner above mentioned, as vehicles of communication, must be charged on delivery with letter postage: if reused or not taken out, they must be returned to the office where first mailed, and the Postmaster there must invariably collect the legal penalty of five dollars, of the person who committed the offence. Any memorandum in writing, on a newspaper or pamphlet, subjects it to letter postage; and the Department consider any words "a memorandum," however few, other than the name of the person addressed. The Postmaster in this place, has requested us to call attention to these directions of the Department, as it will be his duty to see that they are strictly enforced. The Town of New Bedford contains13,000 inhabitants. They have tried four times to elect members of the Legislature, but have not succeeded, owing to the pertinacity of the Abolitionists, in voting for their own candidates. How unaccommodating, thus to disfranchise nearly 2,000 legal voters, just to gratify their abolition notions! The abolitionists of Springfiend were equally obstinate, and that large town sends two Representatives.