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Luther Bradish

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-It is rumored that the Whigs intend to nominate this gentleman for Governor of New York. The object of this move is apparent at first sight - to induce the abolitionists to forego making a nomination, and unite with the Whigs. The Friend of Man is out against any such amalgamation. 1. Because, after the election of Mr Bradish to the office of Lieut. Governor 1838, he regaled his guests with wine. The Friend of Man says this would disqualify any candidate that could be nominated. 2. He is not a working abolitionist, and has not identified himself with them. 3. He is a supporter of, and a contributor to the Colonization Society. 4. Fealty to the Whig or Democratic parties, of course, carries with it fealty to the Slave Power. To vote for Bradish would be to support Henry Clay.