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Township Elections

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On Monday, April 4, the voters of Michigan will select township officers for ihe ensuing year. Long before that time, the Whig and Democratie partizans will be actively engaged in looking to the interests of their respective parties. And what will our Liberty friendsdo? They ought to make a nomination in every town in advance oftheoiher parlies,. at least -three or four weeks previous to ihe day of election. We shall hope to hear of quite a nnmber of towns where tho Liberty ticket wiil te elected. But suppose it ahould not be, what then? Because we cannot succeed al the first attempt, shall we therefore not do any thing? Nopolitcal party ever yet commenced witli a mojority. We would say ta. the friemls of liberty, do not calcúlate on. voting a pro-slavery ticket h tho spring, and a liberty ticket in the full. It ispoor policy to be haliing between two opinions. If the Liberty principies ace correct, come out openly in favor of ihem - advocate them, and vote" for them. But if-you wish,to vote for men and principies of an opposite character - coatrary to youc better judgemeni,. you caá do. so. But ha who talks one way and votes the other will infallibly be dis- pised for so doing. But was any one ev. er despiaed for resolutely and honorably acting out h8 honest convictions? We hope none will be discouraged from orgstnizing because there nre but few friesde of Liberty in the town. Few as they ruay be, they are too numerous lo threw away their votes on a pro-slavery ticket Resides, ihose few voles may be uumerousenoügh to enable you to hold the balance of power between the two leadin2 partics.Wo heartily wish we could Tasten on the minds of eách of our friend?, aa abiling convietion of what he can do - of the nportanee of individual exertion and iafiuence- Every raan ha8 his iufluenee. - Like his shadow, it follows him whether he will or not. Perhaps the reader is eomewhit restrniued ia his anti-slavery by public opinión - in olher words, by the opinión of nis oeighbors, A, B, or C. Now, depend upon it, if you are afraid of them, they in their turneare afraid of you. The infiuence is recijprocaï. Il may be greater on ono side than on the other, but it existe ;and olher ihinjs beingequal,he who throws out his thoughts and feeling3 with the greatest mauliness and freedom, will exert the greatest iufluenceover olhers. While the influenceof vour old party friends makes you reluctant to lt:ave them, it may be in your power, by faithfully advocating the Liberty principies, to secure iheir aüenüve examination of them, and their ultímate adoptiorv by the very individuals whose in. flueqce had, in tbe beginning, ncarly discouraged you from leivding them your Eanction and support. But individual influence, becomes far more powerful, when concentrated. It has been compared by somo one to the thousand little brooks thal rise in the wesi ern hills. Each is insignificant in itself. You can step over it. A few smart boys will dam itup wiih ease! But as it proceeda on its coursc, and receives acces8ÍOD3 Trom two, three, or a dozen other etreams like ilself, it acquires a name, and perebance becomes the boundary of a town or county, and is employed in propcliing all .kinds of machincry. Follow it onward stiil through its course, and it expands in size and power, until i'. becomes ooo oí ihe most majeslic riverson the Globe,and is used as a medium of coinmunication for the weaith and commerco of millions of ths human Tace. This mighty streain is ih'ja composed of thousands of liitle rilLs, ci:iKiratívely powerlcsa when separated, buutresistable when united. Su it ia in th pMÜtical world. Lp eachfriend of ijberty remember that ho is a fountain head of power and iofluence. A fewunited can control the eléctions of the town: a few uaited in many tuwns can rule the County, and when organized in all the counties,they can govero the State: and the Free Statea, enn roll away our national sanction of slavery, aud by their united moral nfluence, securo the emaiicU pation of every slaye in the nution. But these great nalional resulta will nevcr be accomplished without the coucentration of the influeace of individuals from every part of the land. The farm house, the work shop the lawyera office, the ministers study, the statesman, the orator, nnd the poet, must sevtrally send in their cufitrib'ütïona towards 6welling the 8tream of emancipation. Every great en terprise must necessarily be perfected l.y many andoftrepi a'edtfft . Iicv small a beginning towards accomplishing the whole re8ult was made by excavating the fitst spade full of earlh from the Erie Caniil! And yet the same procesa repeated many millions of times in, successiun, bas made a grand and permanent thorougbfare for unnumbered thnufsandi.