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Liberty Party In Ohio

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?ho Addrefsof the Liberty party Convention, hae been published in the Cincianati Gazette, the Message, the Newark Gazetto, Political Examiner, WeBtern Reserve Chronicle, Xenia Free Press, Clinton Republican, and one or two other papers. The principies of the address have been well spoken of by many of the Ohio papers. By way of offset, or rather by wy of addition to this favorible state of thinge, we m&y tnention that new weekly paper hai been started in Cincinnati called the Cincinnati Poet and Anti-Abolitioniste. It the ground, that "the tbolition of lavery in the South would be one of the greatest curtes that could fall upon ue as a nation, and to thera in particular: and so far from its being an ovil, we look upon it as having done more towards happifying a iegraded race, than all the missionaries that philanthropy aad religión have ever sent forth." This pablication is justin time. We would that the proslavery feeliog in Michigan could have an organ which would take the same gronnd, and thus let the great issue be fairly made, and truth and error grapple with each olner. There can be ao doubt ai to the result. "Trutb, crushed to earth, will rise again, The eternal years of God are herB.' While, Error, wounded, writhes in pain, And dies amid hef worshippers."Joseph A. Dodge embarked for Eurppe anuary lL,having been coromisBioned by the 'resident a special agent to attend to the iterests of the Tobacco trade in Enrope. Ie was appointed at the requeet of the ommittee of the House on the Tobacco 'rade, and of a general convention of Toicco raieers. HÍ3 expenses are paid out f the national treasury. The raieers of whea. and pork in Michi;an k, Ohio pay a full proportion of the coBt fthis tobáceo mission, When willtbego 2rnmeut send an agent to Europo to look "ter the interesta of the immense products f the Northwest? Not tili we have a resident and Cabinet not subjected to the lave Power. OThe liberty men of Florence, N. Y. ive electf d their town ticket. .


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