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rhe Boston'Atlas Lakhe ground, that the Northern People have a ght to petilion for a disBolutionof the Unn, and to require their represenUtwe to resent euch petitions. It adds: "If WEare to be treated as slaves, we esire to know it. We cn teil these foolardy and desperate agenta of oppresiion mt the voice of an outraged and inBukei )eople will be heard, in louder iones than hose Burging notes of a rising tempest,. which are now breaking upon the ear.ancT ounding forth from every free State in ie Union. Let them remember that here ií apoint where forbearance censes o be a virtue-and that thatpoint has beert: eached alreadyí The people of tfja íorthjthe majority of these United States, ave borne almost every species of indigZ ity and insult - of unprovoked contumely nd taunting reproach. They have suffer.. d all this and suffered it long eaough They will bear it no more. If these outraes upon the sacred and inalienable right fpetition are pushed any farther, they will nse iu their might and hurl from their eata in our national hall, which they now isgrace, those reckless poliiical desceraoes, who, 'Clothed with a Httle brief authotity, Play such fantaetic trlcks bdbre hig,h he&vn, As make the angels weep."


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