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Progress Of Temperance

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FheMaichnumber of the JoH Ternperance Union contains ihe most gralifying intelligence 01 all paris of the country?! Hun. ö. M. Gates writL h.nger singular, even ttt the Pn table, to see many guests dan and pledge nis Excellency iiPI clear cold wuter, noi even colorOTJ toasi water to save appearancest The irailic is rapidly going down - ttnH ern keepers, merchants, and distillers aro giving up the business of destruction. - Boniires of the liquor have been made in Jonesburo, Wiltnington, Alington, Va. - Kensington, Pa. and other places. Wliiskey in Cincinnati is dowo to 11 cents per gallon; being one half the prico of last )ear. In Hudson, N, Y. about 3000 have signed the pledge; in Saraloga, 2000; ia Washington cuunty, N. Y., 5,500 in two months; in Peru; III., 400 j at Richmond, 900; at Petersburg, 1000; at CharJottsville, 700; at Louisville, 3,500; in New YorU 4,500 since January 1 ; al Mobile, 1,400, at Columbus, 1,700; at Jacksütiville, 111., 280; at SpriDgfield}376. In Louisville are 3üG grog-shops remoininu.


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