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Savage And Mortal Combat

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Onnesday last, one oí (he most suvage comba ts look place near Lewisbúrg, in Con way county, betweontwo ciltzeds uliiiat eounty, tliat we have ever heard of - even in Arkansas, famed as she a for euch brutal srenea. The parlies were Dr. Nimrod Mencfce and Air. Nelsou Phillips, near neighbore, and until recently, very intimate friends. Having had a serious quarrel sume days previous, and mutual threals excljanged, ihey canie togelher in the woods, without any wimess of the comliat, except a negro boy, who accidentnlly hoppened to be passing along the road. Phillips, it seetns, discharged his piftol first, and mi ss cd his antagonist j Menefce then fired nd shot Phillips in the back. The latier then drew his knife und attacked M. vviih it, und, ut the first thrust, gnve hiin u irightful cut in tho abdomen, which let oui Ijis entrails. Menefco having no weapon Hxcept his empiy pislol, ond being inferior in sizo to Phillips, defended himself in the best way Le could; by warding ofl' the lilowaofhifl antftgoniül wiih his pistul. - Tho firsl knifo used by Phillips broke offiit ihe handle, when he drew unother, and renewed the comba t. In thia way thty fought (the boy thinks) for near huif au lour, sometimes on their feet, and eomeiunes on the ground, uutil bolh becamo ao complelely exhuusted by fatigue and loss )f blood, thatthey worocompelk-d todesisl br wam of êtrength to coüiinue the coulest. On assistance coming up, the parties were fouud streiched on the ground, welering in their biood, and bob supposed to be mortully wouuded. Dr. Menelee, we understand was, horribly tut to pieccs, luving no Iiíss thun 31 cuts and stabs. He survived only till Salurday last, and was juiied on Sunday. Mr. Phillips received only one serious vaund, a pistol sho: through the regiou of he kidneys, and no hopes are entertuined