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Signal Of Liberty--volume Second

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Tho eecond volume of tLe Signat will oommeuee April 25. The Executivc Committee have made arrangements for issuin'jj it qd an improved and enlarged sheet. In addilion tothc usual amoant of Anti-slavery ntelügence, it will cootain a Bank Note List ond Price Current, carofully corrected. evory week frorn the most recent advices, and aleo a complete sutnmary of News, bolft Foreign and Domestic. Every exertion will he usod to communicate tu the readers of the Signal the earüeet intelligence on ovsry. point of interest to thoui. Persons wishing to advertiae will find tba Signal the best medium vf coinmunieatioi for all parta of the State, as our present circulation extenúa to nearly every Couniy. Th is puper ought to be placed on the pertuonent basis of caeh paymenta. It cas bo done with ease. Each subscriber can bette r pay tico dollars at tl) e commencement of the year, thun 8t ihe end of itt and by bo doing, he will have the pleasureof readiog a paper that is paidor - he will eave tho troublo and uxpenae of an agent employod to collect his eubscription - will place ho paper on a permanent foundation - enablo the Editor and Publisher to do better juatice to its conteiit6 - and relieve the Execu,tive Committee of continucd embarrassmcuts. Who of our Bubscnbers will refuae thus to benefit theraaelves, and promote the epeedy iriumph of our glorioue cauae, merely for the purpose of delaying the paymwjt of two dollars for a few tnonthe? Fbiends! Are not Ihese things to? If ihoy are, will you act dpok thkm.


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