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The Cincinnati Post And Anti Abolitionist

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A friend has sent us a number of this pa per, the only one of the kind in the Untte States. It is published vvcekly at Cincin cali, and the prospectus vays it is "strenu ously opposed to Abolitionists, exposing&m holding up to view their diabólica!, plans - giving every information of their movement - publishing the names of the most prominent among tlicm, and diligently and fear lesely exposing all their villanies - furnish ing a vast store of valuable information to all, but especially to southerners." A paper established for such cormnendable ob jecta mu6t of course be popular. Accord ingly it boasts, that although commencec Jan. 8, 1642, it now numbers a larger list of paying subscribers than any paper in the West! Among its patrons is the Hon. N. C. liead, Supreme Judge of Ohio. The fact of his becomioga Bub6criber is annouun eed in the paper as a proof of his soundness! The number sent us contains a portion of the list of AbolitioniBts now publishing. The Editor spares none who are tainted, but publishes their ñames, and calis upon them, if they are notguilty ofabolition, to come outpublicJy and disclaim ït. An excellent plan, we think, to make people takesides. Among other names we find the Rev. Dr. Beechei, 2nd Preabyterian Church, Rev. Dr. Stowe, of Lañe Seminary, Rev. Francia Whitcomb, and Professor A. C. Drury. The paper is published by J. Greely Curtiss. We have no inforraation as to the history of this gentleman, but we should not be eurprised if he were some enterprising Yankee, recreant to every feeling of justice, and rather short of funds, who has etarted the paper as a means of making a speculation out of the slavebreeders. His location is just on the border line, where he can keep a general intelligenca office, to facilítate hunting abolitionists in the south, and sluves in the north. But we may be mistaken in our surraise; and ir so, the editor must consider the favorable notice we have given his paper a sufBcient recompense. But on tho whole, we are inclined to aid him in extending a knowledge of anti slavery men and measures, and as he Eeems to be hardly put to ït to find names of abolitionists, we think of offer ing him a couple of thousand, or 60, fiom Michigan - all "true blues" - dyed in the wool - wbat say you Mr. Post?