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New York And Virginia

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--■■■ --The Legislatura of New York have arrived at an opposite conclusión from Governor Seward, in reference to the Virginia controversy, and have requested him to transmit their views to the Executive of Virginia. Gov. Seward declines doing the service, because it would conflict with his const itutionol duties, and requests thcm to find some other medium of iommunication. In hia communication to the Legisla ture, he promulgates the following noble sentiments. "I remain of the opinión, that a being possessed of Uie physical, mornl and intellectusl faculties common to the huniun race, camict. by the torce of any Consiitution or laws, be goeds, chattels or a thing, and-that nolliingbut goods, chattels, and things can 6e the subject of larceny or theft. Tho Constitütion of the United States, so far from controve rting truths which seem to me so obvious, acknowledges them by carefully treating persons held in involuntary bondage, not as proptny hut as mm, which the Declnration ot independence, expoundinn; whut to any mind may seem obscure in the Cünstitution, declares that all men are born irce and equal, and have the inalienable rifiht to enjoy the vav to hunvin hnppiness."


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