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EuitoPE. - It is 8aid that a marriage between the imperial princess of Russia. and the Duke de Bordeaux, has been finally determined on by the ex-royal family nf France, and the Emperor Nicholas. This alliance is said to be the maín cause of the bad understnnding which at present subsists between the courts of the Tuillcries and of St. Petersburgh. At Slratford, in Eesex, upwards of J.060 persons are employed in stayrnaking. Aftcr laboring twolve hours per day their earnings do not amount to 21d. each. Tbe wages of agricultura! laborera, in Wiltshire, range from 7 to 9 shillings a week; the firuatc-.-ii distress prewLs amongst threm, many families actuaily starving. Great excitement has been produced by a late decisión of the Courtof Queen'e Bench, Iroland. All marriages in Irelnnd, celebrated by Presbyterian ministers, where both parties are not Presbyterian8, are declared invalid. In Ulster this 8cci amounts to upwards of CO). 030: and, nothing was more common than the celebrition of marriages Between Presbyterians and the members of other corhmunities. Algieks - The latest news from África was highly favorable to the French government. Fifteen tribes aro said to have made their Bubmission, end Abd-el-Kader t driven clow up t9 the JMoroc90 frontir. .


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