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The American Journal Of Science And Arts. Conducted By Prof....

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Thk Ediiors of this Journal, wish to cali punlic ntteniion o the (act thnt thny will hereafter, onthe condition stated below. frank the nos. to all ofthcir subscribers who receive the work ui recti.t from thkm by MAii.. Their object in making thia oiTer, is to place those persons who are so situated that thcy cannot take the work through n agent, a ml therefore fiec of charge of tninsportation. on the same footing in this respect with city subscribers. Subsc i'oers by mail have heretofore paid from'$l to $L3 pernnnum forpost age. which has been a suHïcien consideralion to induce tnany 10 decline taking the work. Now that this cjection is removed, upon the simple condition of punctual remittance. the Editors confidently hope ihat the number of theii mail subscribe! s will be much increased; and the mnke no npology to their present supporter ;mu contributors, for asking their assistance in aiding tu'ént tÓBUstaïiOhiP experiment, by making this notice more public, and by inducmg their friends to subscribe. Experience has provcd that the mail is by far the best mtans of conveyance to distant subscribers, the mostsnre and mort speedy; and all attempts to csablish agencies at n distance and n way f om tht great Tines ol trrmsportation have utterly failed- delay and dissatisfuction and often abandonmentof the work being theresult. The American Journal of Science and Arts is published at New Haven, Connecticui. Each number contains at least 200 pages, closely anc handsomely printed on good paper, aud fully il lustrated by ergravinge. The subsciption is $G in advance, by mail. The extra dollar beyonc the usual pric of the literary quarterliesis inispensable, on account of a more limited pat ronagc and the great expense of engravings. Remittancesshould be made if possible in east ern money, but if that cannot be obtained, the best bil)s which can be had may be substituted and vo discount will be charged upon them. Subscribers will remember the regulation of the Podt Office department, by whi& poslmastcrs are CAtÜiorizrA to remit.paiimejits för periódica' frrp ■ of posiugc, if lic letter containing tfie remiitunces is icritten bij themselvcs All letters and remin nces direcled to the Editora of the American Journal of Science anii Arts, New Haven, Ct., will reeeive prompt attention. N. B. Subscribers who wish to avail them selves of the free postage, must see that their ac' counts are not in arrcara when such is the fact, the Editors cannot pay the postage. EP Advertieements are inserted at the custom. ary ratea, and the European circulation of the work rendera it a desir ble vahi ele for the advcri lisements of American publishcrs; the usual publication day is the last of every quarter New Haven, Conn., Jan. 1841. 153 i


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