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Washington, Tuesda y, April 26, 1842. The Commiüee of the Whole, after a protracted discssion to-day, have altered their mmd. and adopled another .lumber, viz: 50,1?9 as the raiio of representador). The vote was 90 veas, to 59 naya. So large o majority as 31. wuuld seem to súnw that the House ha now adopted a ratio to vvhich it will fixedly adhere, if any thinjr could remain fixed lunger than a cay 'm this íluctuating city of Wash npton. I send you a table showingr th& nnmber of Representatives falling to eacb State under the ratio.A provisión was inserted at the timerequiring sach member of the House to be elected by a particular district. Each State is to bo districted by State authority. Whence Michigan must bc divided into four distncts of contiguous territory - one member írom each. The Legislature, last winter, provided that the elcction should be by general ticket. Consoquently tliere must be an extra session of the Legislature, or the election deferred till after Jan. 1, which vi ill produce no inconveniencf. The Advertiser proposes that it be held on the firsí. Monday in April, which will be town meeting day. We think well of the suggcstion. The House adjourned over from the 5th to the 9th, as ia customary, that the carpeta might be taken up, and the matting put down, &c, preparatory toa summer session. At the Mime time the races took place, and as manv mcmbers were deeply interested in them, they earned their cight dollars per day very pleasantly. Mr. Sinnley of N. C. and Mr. Wise have had a spar in ihe House. Mr. S. said that Mr. W. Bulldoffged R. M. Wliitney on a cerlain occasion - that he made the remarle Cor him, and he miht take it. Mr. Wise sai'] that was just euch an anewer as he phould expect from a cownrd. After some ftirther conversation about curs, bloodhounds, fawning, wagging the tail, growüng and snapping, and such like dignified topics.


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