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PmcE of Wheat, in Ann Arbor, 81 cent per bushei; price offlour $'4,50 per barrel. The receipts of che Albany and Boston Ilailroad, for some weeks post, have exceedcd onc thousand dollars a day, and are stiil on the incrcnse. Tho Advcrïiser, May !2, says: "The foreign nevvs 3 of great intcresi to us in the West. It will beseen that the propos'.tion to levy a dutyon Americnu flour, carried into the Cañadas, is insisted on bj the ministry, and will be adopted." Oswego Bank. - The bilis of this institution are promptly redcenied at Albany as formerly. Leicis Covnty bilis were refused by the agency at Albam , May 3.It is said tbat the Bank of Upper Canada, has arrangement on foot, and probaply consummated ere this, to hive its paper redeemed at 2$ peí cent in New York. RociirsTF.K Makkkts. - Wiikat - Li tile in the market - sales dull - prices but a 6light varinnce from last quotations; yesterday $1,15 to $1.18. Flour - Hetail at the stores, $5,25 to $5.ñO. May 10. In Cincinnati are no Iess than 63broker'e otfiecs. The Merchants make all their deposites with 'hebrokers. The N. Y. Courier says: Money is obundanl. and the Banks, nothavingas much paper as they wan' ofiered to them, are seeking it from the Brokers. Jt is expected the Sttfte Loan of One Millipn, at sevcn per cent, will soon be all ta ken. The books are now opened. In Liverpool, April 18, free Flour sold at 35s per barrel - Flour in bond 27s. to 27s. 6d. New York tallow sold in Havre, April 5, 262 barrels, at 63 francs, equal to $11,91. In the N. Y. Cattle market, May 2, good beeves sold for $6, to .$0,50 per 1C0 Ibs. Sheep $2.50 to $G. Lambs $2 to $2,25 each. In Boston, large hoge scll at 3c. to 4c. At retai!, 4c. to 6c. The. N. Y. Courier, May 7, qoutes Canada bilis at 7 to 8 per cent discount, and Farmers ;ind Mechnnk-s B;ink. Detroit, 10 percent.


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