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The subscribpi informs tho mcmlieñ of Anti-Slavory Societic-, and ali persona v(m dceirc to retid the ölavery puMicntions that have issued trom the American pross, that he haa putchased all the bonk?, pampfilelp, tracts, prints etc. lalely bHoiiLrnL to the American AnU-SJëvery Society, aniniiDting to nbotit ciirlit thousand dollars, ni oíd pricps, vvliich he offers for sele by his nent in any nuantity, at low pnces for cash nnly. S:imjles will he kept at his ofiice, Curnpr of ÜHnover and Exclianpre efreett) and orders wil! he promtly attended tó. A cntíilocrne ofthe principa] publicationa itíanDexeil, and the prices put opainst thpm are the prefenf i'ediiced) retail prices. Bythe Imndred or larger qiiantity, thcy wil] bo sold Iowpi - sa y fr bovnd volumes 2.r rer cent. discount : for pinnphlcfs. tracts ond pidnres, 50 percent, discount. With !sp?ct to moet of tliBm thi-s is below the nctiial cost t me in cash They wrrr nut purchased with a view to sell at a profit, butto subserve the Anti-S'avery c:iu?e. Suoh nn opportnnify hus not previóusly occurTPí] ti) oblain Anti Sloveiy pnblications at these ïduerd piicp?, and prohably will not ajjnin. dilors of n'nvspapers are requesied to advpriiíciiiPDf. at lcnth Caí three bilis will be piiid in book?, etc. Pirase spnd a ■fiLjhe pnicr contniniriL1" the ■CWIS TAPPAN; New York, AJ Wr4':B'JUND VOLUMES. American Slavery ns it is, jslin 50 Anti-SInvery Manual L0 Alton Riots', by Pres. B Woï III. Coll. 12mo. 25 Alton Trials 25 Anti-SIaverv Record, vols. 1, 2 and 3 set 50 Appeal, by Slra. Child S7 1-2 Anti-Sl-iverv Kxmn roli. ■ 50 Beiiitie of Philanihropy 33 1 3 BiMirtjp's Picture of Slavery 50 Bnxton on t!iñ Sin ve ti 5i Cabinet of Frepdntn (C!a Rüi' history of theslave trade,) vo V. 1, 2 and 3 Let 1,0f Chloe Sppar 25 Channipsr on Slavery 25 Dnncan on Sliivery 25Eman. in the VV. 1. by Thorr.e and Kimball m-islin 50 in boards with map 25 s f Ponst tut' on discoveieil 50 ntain, olain binding, 64tro. 12 12 Gnslnvns Viips.i 50 Grimke's Letters to Miss Beeclier S7 1 2 Jay's Jnquiry S7 1-2: Jay's View 50 Li'gbt and Tiath 20 Life ofGrflnvüle Sliarp 15 Mott's Bioffranhical SkelcIiPS 37 12 Meinoir of Rov. Lemad Hanes 75 Do of Lovej-.y 62 1-2 Norlh Stnr, rlt edges S3 1 -8 Pennsylvania Hall 75 Qtiartèrly Anti-Slavery Mnwnzine, 8vo. 1,00 Rnnkin's Letters. 18mo. 100 pp. 20 Rigiit and wronsr in Boston L0 Star of Frredom, inusün 12 1-2 Blavery - contflinmg: Declaratinn of Sentimentsnnrl Con.itution of the Atner. A. S. Society,: Wolo's Tlionjrlus on Slaverv : Does tlieBülfi sanctipn Sl;ivery? Áddrrss to the Synod of Keiitiickv, Narative of Airrns Dresor, and Why work for ihe Slave? bound in one vol. 25 Biave's Friend, R2mo. vold. 1, 2 and 3 .=et 50 Songs of theFref! Sá 1S Thompsons Reception in Great Britain, 12mo. 20 Tesfimony of Gd n;r;inst Slavery, 18mo. 20 Whea'ly, Piiillis Mr;noir of b West Indie?, by Professor Horey 50 Vpst Ttküp?, by ll-.irvey and Sturge 75 Welev's Thougtts on Slavery, in muslin, withportrait 12 1-2 PAMPHLETS. Sets A. S. A'manacF, from 1G36 to 1841 inclusive 37 1 2 Address to thp Frpe People of Color 1 Ancient L?'idm;irks 3 Apoli'igy for Abolitinnists S Americñn Slpvery as It Is - the Testimony of a Thonsniid WtnPSi--es 25 Address on Right of Pp: i non 2 Address to Senators and Representatives of tho fiep Stafba 1 Arjdréss on Slaverv (Gfiirmn) 1 Address of Congrega ional Un'.on of Scotland - 1 Addrpss of National Convention (Qprnmn) 1 Ann. Rep. of N. Y. Committ eof Viilance 25 Do. of Müsf. A. S. Society 12 1 -2 Appeal to Women in the nominalïy free States 6 1;4 Aulhfintic Anecdoies on Ameiicnn Sinvery 2 Address to the Churèh f Jetw Ciirisf, by tlie Evnii{r lical Union A. S. Society, Npw York ritv. 4 An:i-S!avery Cnteclirn, by Mr.i. ChiM 0 1-4 Adnms', J. Q. Letterx to his C'nnstiüipn's 4 Adams', J. Q. Spcecii on the Texas Qucstion 12 1-2 Anmial Report? of Am. . S. Society, Sd, 4th, 5th nnd 6h 12 1-2 Anr.unl Rpports of N. Y. city Ladies' A. S. Society S Appeal to the Christain Women of the South S Bible ngainst Slavery 6 Colledion of Valnable Documents 6 1-4 Birney's Lptfers t the Ciiurches S! Birney on Colonization 2 Chnttel a Summary of the New Teytument argument on Slavery,by Beriah Green 6 Chipma.Vs Discnnrse 3 Channinir's I.ettois to Clay 6 Condiiion of Frec P"ople of Color S Cmndnll. Reuben, Trial of 6 Dissertation nn Servitude 12 1 -2 D'ckinson's Sermn S Does the Bible s.'mction Slavery? 1 Dec. of Spnt. nnd Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society 1 Discussion bet ween Tliompson and Breek - ïnridfre 25 Dresser's Narmtive ö Extingoisher Extinnisliefl 3 Elinoio Correspon'ience C: rio in s cets 4to. 2 Emnncipation in West Indies Thome and Kimball 12 1-2 Emancipntion In West Indies in 1338 3 Freedem's Defcnse C Gorriöon's Address nt Broadway Tabernacle C Guardian Cienins df the Federal Union G Genei ons Plnnter 3 Gill!t'= Review of Bnshnell's Disconrse 6 Immèdiatf, do GHcJin1 Abohrion 12-2 Jay's Thoóghtis on the Duty óf the Episcopal C lunch S Ltbêrty, 8o. 2.": do; limo 19 Morris's Speech in answer tn Cliy 3 Mahan's Rev. Julin B. Tiin] in Keniiuky 121-2 Martyr Agc in America, by Harriet Martineau 6 Mor'crn Rxpediency Considered 6 Power o( Ci-ngress over the District of Columbia 6 1Plfiifor the Slave, Nos. J, 2 and 3 S ProceediDs of he Meetuiir to forni Broadwav Tabernacle Sla very Socit-iy 1 Pro-Slavery J RarciCodeofHaUi RR-cr, Moae.--, Nafrative oí' a Fujjitive 1 Sla ve 12-2 Ris hts of Ci.lored Men 12 1 - Ilii{:glcs!d Antiiiute 6 Kijrhi and Wrong in Boston 12 1 2 Slaven! Rhvmos 6 Slade's Speech iri Confrresp in 1838 3 Smi'h's Gerrilt Letter lo Jis. Smylie 6 Do. Letter to Ilenry Cky C Slaveholding Invanably Siuful, "malum in se," c Southard's Manual i Star of Freedom 4 Si-hmttckerand Smiih's Letters (5 Slaveholder's Prayér 1 Shivriioldinir Weisrhed a Slavery n America (London); do. (Germany) 8 The Murtyr, by Beriah Greon 6 TJiinjs Air Nor.hern Men tn do 8 Views of Colonizaron, by Rev. J. Nourse 4 Views of Slavery and Eniancipation, by Miss Martinenti q Wésleyan Slavery Review 2;') War n Texas, by Benjamin Lundy G Why work Por the Slav 1 VVilson's Address on West India s pation 4 TRACTS. No. 1. Rt. Domingo, No. 2, Guste, No. 3, CoJonizntion, No. 4, Moral Condiiion oftheSlave, No. 5, Wfmt. h Abolition? No. G.The Ten (onimandments, No.7 Danger and Snfety, No. 8, Pro-SInvery Bible, No. 9, Prejudiee ar;nnssl Color, No. 10, Noriliern Dealers in laves, No. 11, Slavery nnd Misíions No. 1", Dr. Nelsoji's Lccture on Slavery. The above Tracts are sold at 1 centeach. PRINTS, ktc. ! Ilustra! ions of the Anti -Slavery Almanac for lí40 s Vhe Kinancipnted Fannly 25 lave Marker of America S Correspondence belweeu O'Connel and Stevensoh 3 Do. do. Cloy and Calhoun 12 1-2 Prinler's Picture Gallery 2 Leller paper, stamped with print of Lovejoy shoet 1 D. with Kneeline Slave sheet 1 Prnyer for Slavef, witb Miisíc, on cards 1-2 ] Porrait of Gerrif Smitli bO I11 adrlilion, are the foJlowing1, the proceeds of wliich vvilJ go inio the Mendian fniifl. Argument ofHon. J. Q. Adams in the case of 1 he Amistad Africans 25 Ariimenl of Roger S. Balwin, Esq. fifi do 12 2 Trial of the Capiive? ofthe Amistad 6 Connre.i'in.-] Óocnment reluting to do. f Purtrait of Cfinqnéz 1,00 Marcli Sd, Iü42.


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