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[Tib Caskiiünd Gcvtlím ris Uut d.] A new volume mier the at.ove title, of the ' veil -siïibli8lu-d and Fnshomble Migazine. The ' 'liilnle!pfiia Cfisket in rorijuncti.n vi?h the ' üiian"s Magazine, wliioh has been eV3.-y where ronounced to be the most rendabie and popula ' )t' ilio d.iy, wil be poned on the first day of Janiary. 18 ly. wnh ati array of comributors secured y ilic union of talent, oi lame, which no periodcnl in the country can b.-nst or pr (end to revle. Piie December ntimber will tíowcver, be a ; en ui' thé new volume; Tho volume wH be pcnerl with a new and hcamutil typt;, ihefiiest.vliiie ntper. ond wiih the lirsi ' i series ol ] eíish'mént8 unsurpassed by any whifh lm e yet ïppctnul in nrtv Magazine. The sty!n utelqgaicê hu beauty and finish ol these ülusir.niions. ;,nd the vtensive improvements which will be made in its appearnnco. nnd above nll the tone ói its literuy departnumi. f y the hrilliant aruiy oí cDiitiibutiiis, whose nrticL-s hnve ciKichod the pnurcs of emli uuoi.ber, will gjve it a clnrncier. secoh(1 10 no Nfngnztne in the Union. The qharactei "f ïhe nrtic'e. which sh.ill appear in 'm pace?, will bc èqin l!y remr ved ironi a sicUIy seiitiMi'iit.ility. aiidlnnn nn eifecf t'on of' whilen t:u:;delinention of human nriftlre i" every variey pnssi'iii ie aimert at. nftjfnng s'i 1! lie on ii I iti iis papes to cause a blush upon the clieek of the muist pure. The Lnerary Charicter will be su.Ticic-uly guarnnteed by the reputrition of boih Magnzincs rhus uniieil. tor yeara p'ist. Wiuer of tin; firsi rank lnve boen regular contribuidla to ibeir paes; and the tr:lcs am! skitjhos published in ihcn have been widely copied and leoct.. and tho firni nnd ndopendeni tone of ihe criticis:ns. upon the currentliteraittreofihe day lias been every whert approvcd and com nende, The list of Comributors embraces the natiièf of most of the pi writers in America, wii!) a respemhiemunbi'r of EngHïh.aUthürs-. Jn ad.lition. the diptinguished services of a host of anonymous wri;eid of no ordin.:y abüit eshave iven wortli and cliiir:cier to the pages o: the Magazines. The series of wdl known nautical papers entitled '; Ciuising n tlie Last War," have had a run, uneqmled by any üeriespubiished in any Magazine, fbr years. Tliu aulhor proinises to open the iirst of n nev series of ' Tales ol the Sea." and from his known abili;iesas a depi.-ter of sen scènes nnd life. mucb niay be relied upon frorn him in mlJlñtaining the po)uiarity o 'he Misazine. Papers may be expecied during the volaihenlso from the auihorof the welUnown inicies entitled 4i The Log of Oid lïonsiJes."- The author of ' Syrian Letters,' will also iend bid powerfid anil graceful pen to sustain and increasö ihe rt'putation of t!ie work The valunble bid ui ■he_r,ntlior ol 'Leaves from a Lawyors Puft Foiio' bas also been secured - and we may expect some'hinustill more tlnilling from the spac.'oiu stores which a long life in the profeasiori has enabled him to amass. Au occr.sional Chit-Chat with 'Jeremy Short' and ; Oliver OKifellow' is also promiseii with n variety ofchoice anieles in prose and verse, 'rom various wrirers of celebri:y, as coiitributors o ihe prominent Magazines of the country. The Ed'uors of both Magazines continue their services undef the new arrangement. iVith such an array of talent, a Magazine of unri valled attractions. nay sifely be proniseil ihe coming volume. FASHIOXS A.D KNOI? a vrGS. In cómplinncé v.-i:ii the almost unanima;is wish f oür lady suhset ibera, we m,i.l, the ensuin olume. furnish them with a benu.i.ui jifd c'orrèpl )late of Fashions. Monihly. a feature, it is belicvd. thntwil! heitherbe unwelcome nor impopular. These liishion pïi t s sholl be drawn fro:n orierihaj lesigns from Pais and London, and may always ie depended upon as ihe prevniiing stvle inlelphia and New Yo k for the month in which hcy are isstférl. These howcver. shal] n no wise morsere wiih the regular am' choice engiflpirigs 'nd niusic which nccompany each nuinbêr of the vork. The splendid Mczotiiu engHivïrtgë'from he hurin of Snrtnin, wliich have lieen só justly i Imirer!, will hc foüowtul durin? the volume by revend 'i-om ilie snmc Innd. while the steel engrniiir.s in ihe hest style of art frppi iiteresrnL' -ce íessh'ill still enncíi the M.ifizinp. The choior pieces of missie fór the Fimo md Guitar shall icco npany pnoh nu-nlier Of ihe '.orlc TIMK OF PnnLlCATION. The work will be publislu-d on the first of the iiomh in everv qiiïrter of the Union. The most hstnnt suliscriber will con?equenrly nceivc it on 'h=U dny. ns wel! ns those who reside in Phüuleltihin. In nll the principal citirs. nsenís liavé been estnblisheti. to w'noin 'he Mig-izine is forwarded. prior to the time of iesiiirtg it. so thu they niny be 'elivered to resident su'scribpr3 by the'first of the momh. Tiiis is fin imponnni nrro i cement to ! ' listaüt sübfcribers. wh'q becom$ tired. ' importn mto nnd pvennnlly disconiimie innñy works. in conspquonce of the preit riol.iy liy puilishers. ' TF.R.MS - Thrr-e Dollnra per nnntrn. or two copies yearly for fie dollnrs. invarinlily in ndvnnce. )ost. paid. No new subscibér rèceivéd I wijhout tlie money. or the parné óf a responsible nirent. F.r the accomrnod.ition of those who iiiay w;s!i tn su!scril)c for eitlier oi the fullowing ihis U BE il Al. PRO POSA L is made. Five dollars current monev free of poatiLre. we will lorwml Graham's Mnsmne. aml G-dcy's Lady's Book forone veir. AddrnsHposi pai'I; GEO.R. GR AHA M, South west cornor of Chestout and Third Street Philndelphin.


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