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Poetry: Temperance Lyric: Groggeries

Poetry: Temperance Lyric: Groggeries image
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I. Down with the groggeries, down! Crush them for ever morel No longer let their dark walls frown - Their fiery torrents pour: Roll on them like the thunder-gust, And dash their chambers to the dust. II. There, deeds that mock the day, Wilh fearless front are done; The slayer couches there, to slay The poor unwary one; Andbegared wretches lingering there, Are robbed of all they have and are. III. Who hath hè spared, who lurka Within the suoiler's den - The man-fiend who untrembling works The overthrow of men? Ah! none - for, with unerring aim, Have sped his arrows, barb'd with flame. IV. Brother! thine own right hand The fiend haih torn away; Ilim who was wont by thee to stand In fvery evil day; The robber lured him to his cell, Slew him, and dragged his soul to heil. V. Fathkr! whereis thy son1? Behold yon haggardgfonr, Stripped by the God-abandoned one, And cowering in the storm; 'Tis his who once was all thy joy, Thine own beloved, thine only boy. VI. Soic! how the monster mocka rl hy woes, no tongue can name; He trod thy father's tbin, gray locks Down to the dust in shame; And now upon thy soul and limb Would bind the chain that fettered him. VII. Widow! - sad weeper- thou And all thy starving ones, Have built the robber's dens, and now He fattens on your groans; He cannot pity ye wno gave Your loved one to the drunkard's grave. VIII. Brother, and eire, and son, Widow, and orphan boy, Ye all have knowu the cruel one - The mighty to destroy - Then on! and in the name of God, Tread down his temples to the sod. IX. In Truth and Virtue strong, On to the moral strife, To stay the robber arm of Wrong - The waste of human life; On! till from all our hills and glens A ro. 8vp( 'hp Snni'n"'c rpplt'nf 'Ifns!