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Clinton, May 17, 184?. The friends ofhumanity ond equal rights wil! rejoice to hear that cvon in this villnge, where almost nothing has been done in behalfof thcslave. a movement has recontly been made in the good cause. Mr. Beckley, of Ann Arbor, lectured on the I2th inst., in the Baptist Church, afternoon and venin?. It cannot be said that the congregations -ere largo; they were much smaller thnn was noped, bu the few who were present listeneH wíth apparent atten-ion and entisfaction. It bas face been mtimated hot the Lecturer made ma ny statcnwits, but failed to prove them. Bulothing could be plainer than the mannei ir A-hich it was shown that the exisience of'slaveij n the Souih tcnds dirrctly and in vanous wny dnr.v capital from the Norlh, and a mitid iha vül rejcct such evidence and say there is n" proof of it, would reject a mathematical demon stration. ■■ - n Just before the lecture, a wish was expressed that there might be an opportunity to reply to Mr. Beckley. But thia was expressed bo late ihnt there was no opportunity to make arrangements to that effect, though nothing would have been more in accurdancc with the feelings and wishes of the jecturer. But if thero are those in the village who would still wish foron opportunity to reply, to one who should speak on the subject ofabolition, wilh a due respect to my fellow citizene, eepecially to my seniors and botters, I offer my services as a disputant; and at any time whfrf other dutiea will permit, will engage id a public distfussion oí the mcrits of slatcnj, 01 s mcrits of the prind. pies and VHnsuréÈÈ n abolitionsts. My confidencájl t, of course, in my own ability but in thejt tness and righteousnesa of the cause. But 1 any one should decline a discussion ÍúmJ n opponent over whom even viciory 1 rabie I am authorized to say that Mr. BeckJey has himself kindly offered to return dHj gage in a public debate on the subject of etavSS Ls piaco at tim(J ag will best suit ttflj venienceoitlie people. It is very much desireH t ihose who to engago in a public investijjjlon of the great subject of slarery, should vcM nown their wiehes to Mr. Beckley doon, ancH consente to come among us again, to labor in behalf of the poor, cïör colored man, who catmot speak for himself, we pledge ourselves to ive hirr services, at least a vote of thank


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