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Somebody has compared Washington to & National Bear-Garden, whcre the members of Congress perform varioue feats in the wayof growling, quarreüng and fighting Tor the spe. cial amusement of t he nation, tnd the letterwriters serve as a kijid of masters of ceremonie?, by oonveying a graphic knowledge oí the performances of the several uclorsto thosO vvho would be otherwise ignorant of theiraatonishing foats. This latter class are noiy wel] occupied with the case of Messrs. Wisb and Stanlet, whose growling has been of several years standing. Not a fevv would doubtless rejoice tosee others fight, who ara too co'.vardly to figlit themsclves. They would regard the combat uf the two honorables very much with the feelings of boys who have got two dogs together by the ars. In the first place, tho qualification3 of the mastiffs are examined with a knowing and philosophic eye. And as the public must be deeply iuterested in this performance, we extract the following account of tliem frora the Boston Times. It is a scicntific, cold blooded account. The Expected Duel. - It s preity certain that anexchange of shots will take place between Messrs. Wise and Stanley. They were both in their places in the House on iMonday. Mr. Wise is a practical pistoleer, is famous for his marksman?hip, and his peculiar quickness- firinjr witi the descent of the pisfol at the word "iuo,"- an important advantage with an ordinary antagonidt, but not likely to be beyond the attoinment of a man of -uch remarkable promptitude and nerve as Stanley, who is proverbial for the quickness of ïll his rnovements, physical and moral. Mr. Wise fought one duel some years neto, diinng his first Congreseional term, "wilh Mr. Coke, !jís political competitor. Mr. Stanley comes of a fighting fumily His fnther shot Gov-. Speiglit, of North Carolina, in a duel many years ago; and two of his father's brothers "feil in dueld. He, himsfilf was concerned in a duel a few yearc ago, and sent a challenge; but a meeting wag prevented by legal interference, and the Sfate law was enforced against him by the imposition of a fine for sending the Challenge. Next, as it frequently happens among boy who set curs to fighting, that they get bit themselves, so in this case, the N. Y. Sun tclls ns,Mr. Reverdy Johnson, of Baltimore, sustaincda eerious njury vvhile in company with M'.. Sïanley, who was practi..nL at a miirk in Ihe Vicinifj ofthat city. Mr. Stanley's b&U recoiled from the target and struck Mr. Johnson in the eyo, passing under tho yelid, and yonderful as it se;nis, wirhout malerially injuring the eye, entercd the muecle of the face from which it has sincc been cxtracíed.- JV Y. Svn. Next, we find that preparations were making to fight a duel out of the District, and the pólice iníerferctl. A letterwriter says: On Tluirsday evening Jast, Mr. Wise vraa arrested on an nffiidavit made before one of the m;)gistrafes of thiscity, that he was aboat violating the laws of the'District, by figLtin? a duel with Mr. Stanley. Process was also issued against Mr. Stanley, but the Jatter had loft town in the morning, and was not to bo found. Mr. Wisc nppeared before the magisfrate yesterday morning, and was required to give bail to preserve the peace within the limits-of the United States. To this Mr. Wise objected, asserting his willingness to enter into bonds to keep the peace within the limits of ihe District, but refusing to acknowledge the right of the magistrates to extend their juria diction bevond the District. Mr. Wise 'mode a long spoech in support of his view of this subject before the magistrfttea, and was answered by Mr. Fendall, the Attorney for the District. At Mr. Wise's request ;he further consideralion of the matter was ?ostponed untiJ this day.i his morrnng the court room was crowded at an early hour. The parties having taken their seats, Mr. VVise submitted to the Court, that with their permission he wouldavail himself of the services of t ivo of his colleagues, Messrs. Goode and Hnntcr of Virginia, to act as his counsel. Permission was given, and Mr. Goode commencedquestioning the sufficiency of the writ by which Mr. Wise was arrepted, and raising a question of privilege whelher a member of Coneress was Hable to arrest at all without ihe allegaiion of a criminal intention. This matter was under decisión at the court room for an hour or two, when tne Conrt adjourned until Monday, when the decisión will be deJivered. Was not all this highly ignified? Ono Eight-Dollar-per-day ninn had run away liko a thief - another was hauled up like a felón hefore two petty magistrales - and two moro Eight Dollar men cal led off from their duties lo defend him. The delegation of Virginia was very profitably cmployed ! The sum of the matter is, that Mr. Wise has given a bond in $3,000 to keep the peace for one yenr, and not to go beyond the limits of the District of Colnmbia,to fight a duel or to give or receive a challenge.[ET'The Catskill AJessenger, Keasville Republican, Hudson River Clironicle, Mobile Advertiser, Hudson Republican, Newburgh. Gazette.and sundry other papers, have corne out with the name of Henry Clay fot the next President, as we understand it, without being subject to the decisión of a national convention. He is thus to be made the candidate ly acclamati'in. Why do not our Michigan papers follow suit? For our part, as far as the cause of Liberty and Equal Rights is concerned, we are well enough suited. For our interests, better selcction could not be made - unleas, indeed, it were Mr. Hangmon Preston, of South C'arolina. Letevery party appenr under its troe colors. With an advocate of theperpetuation of slavery for two hundred year longer at its hend, the character of the Hom League pnrty will be perfectly intelligible and. iinnmbiguous.


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