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A Question For The Serviles

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Vv e wish the Scr.viJeé of tha tree S:nt6 w v.Id 'erone question; On what r.rc founderl fhe Won ! 08 to Kbu:l ih peopffl of tJ;o Norih.vave so hnjib;.-;::?-.']? ;On iheir nvmericul strcngth? They number scarceJy 3OJ,üÜU. ni thepeople wiih whom they ar ir.nn; iiumediately conuccted, aro a smail miiioriiy (tfthe whole populatiáñ. On thcir wcal'.h? In agriculiiual wenlth they are beland the poopie of the frec Siates; i.-. eonitnerce and manujfoctures, tlierc is scarccly roo:n (ur cotnparison. On their nurul worth? The question is niockery. On their obnmlanr chanties? Probably, thrcé fourths ot nll the contribütiona to the benevolént and religieus insiilutiona oi' the land come írom thé free Stn'os. On :heir valac a3 customfirs oi ihe. North? It is estimnted that tho si aves now owe the free, 20J.C0J.ÜU0; a debt they wiü never be ablu to pny. On tlieir genius f Scven-eighihs of all tlie American amhors of'anv nrtle in Lire'ralure or Soicnoc, are boni, and flouiish North of M.isun's and Dixon's line. O:i th(;ir inttUigmeo? One n cvery four pcrsr.ns oí thcir adult population, can neithur rcad nor wriie. On their abüiiy for good gorc.rntncnt? The :ounrry has been controlled by them for the last 20 years, nnd what is the ïcidt? Why, then. we ask, are hese men allowed to (111 a large ïriajority of the most important ollices of the government, and to make its udminisiration subservient to the interesia of elavery, r:t the expense of the honor and welfare of the whole nation? We ask the dotigh -faces, of the North again, on what do you ground the claim of your laasters, the slaveholders. to rule tiiis Union?


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