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Exccssive En.'hsiasm. - Under the head of "Whïg rnovemenis." the Frankfort (Ky.) Commonwealih Iets off one of the most enihusiastio piects in favor of Ileury Clay we ever remember of readi'ig. The wliole wbig party, he says, have indicateel bim as the man (hat is to be the future deliverer of his country} All cyes, all lienrts. ali hopes, are intensely diiected tohim! There is not acouniry on tho face of tliis little planet, that has to be saved. delivered and discnthrallcd as often os ours! Would it not be a first rate plan to raise an investigaron on a large scfile to see who it is that ruins the country so often, ondhave lus name tore off. - Cin. Past. It is calculated in Gallgnani's Mes3enger, that since the year ]830. the European govemments have expended in the organization of fleets and armies, upwards of twenty-two thouaand millions of francs. The U. S. Exploring Expodition has reíurned after an absence of nearly four years. the different vessels having sailed nearly 400,000 miles, and examined and eurveyed a great number of ports, islands, rcefs, rirers, &c. The Det. Adverticer, June 16, contains an article on Maple Sugar, by J. Snow. It nppears that the quantity of Maple Sugar manufactured in the United Statea in 1840 was 35,058,420 lbs. some being made i-i neaily evory state. In Michigan, 1,479,784 pounds were made. Wayne County produced 159.694 lbs. Ia France, the use of Sugaj average only c lbs. to aa


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