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TO CLOTHIERS. THE subscriber is just in receipt of a further puoplv of Clothier's stock, consistid of MACHINE CARDS rf iVxy dcs'-rip thn; CLOTHIER'S JACKS. SATTINET WARP, CARD CLEANSERS and PICK ERS. SHUTTLES. REEDS, KETTLES SCREWS. PARSON'S SHEARMG MA CHINE. E MER Y, (trtry sizej TENTER HOOKS, PRESS PAPER, toeether with a wel', selcctert astorimmt. of DYE WOODS.aud DYE STUFFS of the very best growth and manufacture. These goods (coming ns they do direct from first hands) the subscriber is enabled to sell lower than any other house west of New York, he 'herefore solicits the atteniion of firms in the olothing business, to theexaiination of his stock ind p ices before going east or purchasinjj elsewhere. PIERRE TELLER, Wholesale and Retail Druïgist, 139 Jeflfcrson Avenue, sign of the Gilt Mortar, Detroit. ÏO COUNTRY ME-RGHANTS AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. THE subscriber has on hand and, offers for sale at low ratep, a large and general asïortment, of Drugs and Medicines. Paints, Oils, Varnish. Dye StufTs. &c. &c. , wih every article in the Drug and P;nnt line. Persons wishing lo purchase any anieles in the above line are ■quesred, before puKchasin2 elsewhere. to cali at PIERRE TELLER 'S, Wholesale and Retail Drnsrcrist 139. JerTerson Avenue, sign of the Gilt Mortar. Detroit.■HfctfTT QTRAYKD írom the SubscrijfSLíSp Pvift Ö ber on 17'h inst.. one ice ipBwlr new Milch Cow, 6 yeara oíd. with a white bag. one or both horns hive been bored, the back part of her bag ;ind flink are speek led, had on when she left home a small sized belL Whnever will give inf'ormation or return said Cow to the suliscriber shall be liberally rewarded. DANIEL VAN ETTEN. Plymouth, June 15th, 18-Í2. r9 WOOL. - F. Denison will buy any quuntity of VVoo!, at fair price3, if delivered at hie Store. June 10. J842 tf LUMBKR constandy on hand and for sale by F. DENISON. June 10, 1843. tf FASHIONABLË H.its, Caps, & Bonncts, AGOOD assorunent at the New Yrk Cheap Store by D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arbor. May 16th. 184-2. 4tr River Raisin ÏXSTITÜTE, THIS lnstitution is located in the town of Raisin, near the north bank of the beautiful river whose name it bears, one mile eaat of the direct road frotn Tecnmseh to Adrián. This cligible site haa been eelected for its quiet seclusion. ihe fertility and elevation of its soil. i;s pure and healthful atmosphere, aud pleasam scerïery. Rooms. - There are now on the premiaos suitble rooms for the accommodation of lortv studems; which are tleigned to b? occupied for private siudy and lodging Other necessary building areprovided for recitations and boarding. EXPENSES. Tuition per Term ut' eleven wecka, $4.00 Board " with 4 hours work each week, 7,57 Room Rent, 88 Incidental, 50 Tot-d, 12.95 There will be an additional charge of one dollar for thoae pursaing the higher branches as PhiIosophy, Algebra, Geomeny, Astronomy, &c. For Chemistry, Latin. or Grcek an addition of two dollars will bc made. Scholars are expected to provide themselves with what fiirniture they will need in their rooms, also, with lighls, fuel, and wjshing - none will hereafter board them selves. Bills to bescitlcdin advance. The school is open to all applicants ot suitoble age and moral character irrespective of complszion or condition. The surnmer session wil! commence Wednesday the fi st day of June and continuo one term and a half. It is very desirable that all who design to at tend the school, should be on the ground - have their bilis settled, and their rooms prepared, before the first day of the Term. Any further information can be obtain%d at the Institution, or by addressing, post paid. J. S. Dixo.v, Pirncipal, Rnisin. Lenawee Co. Mich. Raisin, May lihh. 1842. n5- 2mNEW GOODS. JH. LUND s now rcceiving direct from Bosion and Now York, a largo and well sdectcd stock of Merchandize. consistí ng oí STAP LE AND F ANC Y DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, 4. . WARE, DRUGS # MEDICINES, NAILS, CRADLEAND GRASS SCYTHES, BOOTS AND SHOES. $C SfC. wliicb ho oíTors for sale chcap for the rcady. D.u.-d, Ann Ardór, Mny y. 1842. Tjiol-ATt; Ut-' JA'JUb LAWTU.N DEPj CEASED. - Notiee is hereby givcn, that the undersigned hnvo proved the l:st will and testament of Jacob Lawlon, deceosed, and have taken Ietter6 Testamentary thereon, and have given bonds according to law. All persons irdebied to said estáte are requested to make pnymeiit without delay, and all persons having claims against said esta e are requested to present the same lo the 6ubscnbers, well autheniicated, for pity ment. GEORGE E. LAWTON, DAVID T. M'COLLUM, Executors of thu lust will and Testament of Jacob Lawton. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1842. 3m A BARGAIN FOR LAND HOLDKRS."" TM E subscriber 13 desirous of exchanging ior good Wild Land, well locatcd. his property, sitúate in the village of Walled Lr.ko. Oakland C'ouniy. Michigan, (a pleasant ond hcalthy location) consÍ8ting oa Steam Saw Mili., which has probably done as good business a any in the State, a dweiling house, a store and four vacant lots, &c. T. DEUEL. IVnlltid Lakt-, April 81, 1842. tf NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. JUST received and ïcceiving at the New York Ch?ap Store, purchased at the present luw prices in New York, which will hlrn to sell lower than ever before offered in this place, a large lot of French, English and American GOODS, consisting of Dry Goods, Crockery. Books and Stationary, Boots and Shoes, Looking Glasses, Also. a la'-ge lot of Yankee Notions. wholcsalc and retail D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arbor, May 11, 1342. 8w TPO O CJIRniJVG. THE Subscribers are prepared to eard Wool lor customers; having first rate machines.and having employed an experienced workman, they feel confident of giving good eatisfaction to all A'ho will favor them with their custom. Their manufnetory is two and a half miles west of Ann Arbor on the Huron. S. W. FOSTER. tCo. ScJQ, Mayilth, 1842 Wool Csu'dïng' and Clotlt Dressing. THE Subscribers respectluily announce to the citizens Ann Arbor and vicinity, ihat they are prepared to card wool and dress cloih foï customers, in the best style, and at the shortest notice. Having good machinery, experienced workmen, and longpractice'in the öusiness. they have 'he utmost conlidence that they shall give complete satisfaction. J. BECKLEY & CO. Ann Arbor, April, 25. 1M2. "3Öc tajB of trfnUfnfl JSEfne forLo:." JACKSON TEMPERANCE HOUSE, AND BOTANIC MEDICAL STORE, With Hot and Cold Baths. Br. J. T WILSO3V, Eist ei'l of Main St'eet. Jankitn, M c'.iNEW GOODS!! CHEAP FOR CASH. AT the Store of the Subsciber. a new and splendid assorunent of NEW GOODS at prices so cheapas to astonish the purchasers, consisting of DRY-GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, BOOTS, SHOES, AND LADIES' SLfP PERS. SH AKER AND LEGHORN BONNETS, $C. #C. Muslin De Lane at two shillings per yard; calicóes at six cents per yard, and oiher goods at prices to corrfispond. To be convinced. just cali aml see the g ods and prices. 4000 pounds good butter wanted: 99399 bushels of house ashcs wanted. at 10 cents per bushel. Likewise field ashes, delivered at my ashery, near Chapin's iron fuundiy. N. B. - All kinds of Fur9 taken in oxchange for goods. H. BOWER. A.nn Arbor. (uppör town) June 2, 1842. NEW GOODSÜ FDE.MSON hn8 just received a complete . stock of DRY-GOODS, GROCERIES AND CROCKERY, which will be sold very cheap for money or most kinds of prod e. Descriptions and prices will be given at th Store. Ann Arbor. June 1, 1842.


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