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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty

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At a meeting of the lst Congregation al Church of Rome, Lenn wee, Co, Mich.,on Satürday the 9th of July last, the following preamble andresolutions were unanimouslyadopPREAMBLE. Whereas, "there are truths so self-ovidenr, ot so immediately and palpably deduced from thosethat are, orare acknowledged foretich,! that they are at once intelligiblo to all men! who possess the common advantages of the social State1'- and whereas the title of evcry member of the human family, uncharged with crime to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is among these truths- and whereas "by sophistry, hy évil habit, by the lurt of! power and of gold, by the neglect, false persuasions and impostures of an anti-christian priesthood and press, joined in en o conspiracy with demagogues and tyrants, the understandings of men have become so darkened and their consciences so leihargic, that there has arisen a necessity for the repubücation of thia fundamental truth, and Ihat too with a voice of 1 oud alarm and impassioned warning; and whereas the system of slaverv existinw n ourland, sanctioned by the government ond toleratcd by the church ia many of itsdepartments, is made up of every crime that treachery and cruelty can invcnt, and has beon just ly called "the sum of all viüanies"- and whcreas, menstealers are the very worst of llueves and are classed by the inspired Paul wilh murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, and whereas, the word of God, commo sense and common law make no distinction bctween the thief, and tliose who knowingl )artnke of his spoil, thcrefore, Resolved, That we will haveno fellowshi with this unfruitful work of darkness, but 'm ever reprove it. Resolved, That no slaveholder or perso ustifying slavery, be invited to our comn un ion.8. Resolved, That those proíessing to be the ministers of Him who was anointcd to preaeh glad tidings to the poor, lo bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaitn liberty to the captive, and tbe opening of the prison to thetn that are bound, whö apologize for slavejy, or declare not the truth of Godjrespecting it, are so recreant to duty and the high trust reposed in them, that they cannot receive our support. Resolved, That we will usc our best cndeavors for the abohtion of slavery - strivinnto fulfil the apostolic injunction - "Remember thetn that are in bonds as bound wifh them." Resolved, Thát the prostitution of a large portion of the professedly religious press to the vile purposes of the elaveholder is an abomina tion that shoiild cause Christians to sigh and cry at the mere y seat in the hope that God would speedily induce these lieralds to gí ve the trumpet ifs certa in sound.Resolved, That the two millions of heathen in our land demand our wannöst sympnthiee, fervent prayers, and most untiring action, that. they may have the wonloflife which is donied them by Iav - that they may hear those glad tiding-s wliich we are commissioned lo carry to to evcry creature, that they may be lifted from their moral degradalion, and made the recipi ents of the great salvation. Resolved, That the3O proceedings be pub lished in the Signal of Liberty and N. Y. Evangelist.


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