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Signers Of The Declaration Of Indipendence

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Of ilic nublo pntriots, signcd the Dcclaratiou of Tndcpcndonco, 9 wem bom in Mnsanchusetts; 8 in Virginia; 5 in JYÏaryland; 4 in Connecticut; 4 in New Jersey; 1 in Pennsylvnnia ;4 in South Carolina; 3 in ticw York; 3 in Dctewarc; '2 in llhocJe lslaiul; 1 in Alnine, 3 m Ireland; 2 in Enfclondj 2 ia Sootland; and ono in Wales. wcre attornieir, 10 nicrchants, 4 pbysicians, 3 farmers, 1 clcrgymatí, 1 pnntor, and U vvere men of fortune. Eighl vvere graduates ol Harvard College 4 of ïnle, 3 New Jersey, 2 of {'hilatlelphia, 2 of Willam an.i Mary, 3 of Cambridge, (England,)2of Edinburgb; muil of St. Omec At the time of ihcir death, 5 wero 90 years of age; 7 between 80andüi);jíl between 70 and HO; J2 between 00 anÜl 70+ iTbciwcen 59 and 0; 7 betwecn 40 and 50;."onc died at ilic age of U7; and the ageof'.v.o ia urjeertain. Attlic linie of dgning the Declaration the average ngoof ihenam'jir.s w.m I I ycirs. Tlicy lived„ to the average age of more tlmn 64 years and 10 months. Tlie youngest member was Eklward Rntlédge of South Carolina, who was in his27tli year. lic livcd to the ago of 51 . The next . youngest iuei:t)cr was Thomas Lynch of the same state, who was also in his '-27th yoar. He was 1 avyay a soti in the ftdl of L776. Benjiiiuiii j'ia-.iklin was the oldes member. 11e was in his 7!st Voar v.licn hesigpod ihc Dcclatation. He livcd to 1790, aïidsurvivodnirofnis t brethren. Stephen Moplons 61 Rhode [slond, ihoJiex'toIdosCinember, wa.sbornin J0, and dicd 1778. ehnriesGorröllattoined tlm gicatcst age, dyilg in !is IXJjh year. William E!lry, ol Rhode l';lnnd died in bia !.'m1 year; and Jolm Adams in


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