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Sugar Prospects

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--The robbery of 40,000borers by 525 sugar proprietoia of Louisiann does not se em toeave ihem from bankruptcy. They vrant more pro'-c;t:on. Tbey are already proiecretl by governmer.t in their robbery. and now ask lor 3 cents por pound premium on sugar, or they can't stand it nny longer. This premium wil] he paid chicfly by nonhern consumere, and will doubtlcss rendermore brisk and valuable the trade in the laborcrs who are consumcd in the production oí the sugar. The foliowing extract of a letter from N. Orleans. July 2. shows iheir prospects, as delineated by tbemselves: "The weather has been very oppressivc. Wc have hnd. liowever, some refreshin? showers. which have chanoredTthe arpearanco of the country, and our crops apain look well; but Iiow thpv nre io be sent to mark et no one can tel!. We have no moncy - no credit, no confidente in the c:enernl sovornment to aid in nmeliorntinc the affnirs of our helovcd country Our siicrnr planters are ruined- ihis year will wind them up; tho loss on the cuhivation of èusar, will nveragè more thon 50 per cent, at the present priecs. A fnir tariff alone can save us. which we shal! not linve until the cotton 'f.lnnters. (the rulprs of this country.) feel the cenernl distress: and the time is not far distant when cotton planters, the farmers of the-nonh, and thp mechanics. will feel the pinching times, and seek home indusinj."Enelish philnnthropy is saul to bc hurnepsinc women to conl cnrfs. in the colüeries, mak ing hem dm? a horse-Ioad. and then cry shame ncninsi this country for its siaves.- Detroit Advertiser. A verygreat roistake. sir. British philanthropy operntes very difierenily. On the 7th of June, Lord Ashloy introduced a bilí into Parliament, which kns doubtless become a law, prohibiting femalc8 from being empioyed in the collieries at alljandalso boys under 13 years of age. Aro yon prepared for action equally prompt in this country? Will some prominent whig move the abolition of the traiïic in toornen in Washington? Therc they are harnessed together by chains aronnd l'icir nechs. and d. ïven to the slave market for sale to cancel their ma-ster's debts. Will you go for the abolition of this "harncssing," IMr. Advertiser? If not, coníes3 that Brilish piiilnnthropists do right in crying shamc on ïooI


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