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On our first pasre w.ll bn found the solomn condemñdtion of the fin of slaveholding by tho Congregatiohal Church of Rome, LenaWee County. Read t. it js of the ri„ht kind. The resolves of thisc.wrch invólve aclinn. Their sympathy doesnotal) eva-,ofüte in words. The groimd taken is correct. A elateholder s a manstealer, is he not?- . VVhy, then, fellowship a st ealer of msn :n Chnst's churchps. any inore thart a stealer of horses or shèep! Ofhow much more value is t frían than a sheep? Sheep stealers are put-into the penitentiary lo rxpiate tiieir crinie.' menstealers areinvited to enter Chrislian pulpits, and preach a manstealinnrgosuel. Whv should these two classers of crimináis be treated do diiferently?The churches of the United States are the éfrèat bulwark of slavery. They uphold ir.-Without thrir nid it would soon be do more. There are 400,000 slaves ia this country, manyofthem church inembers, .'ield by about 4o,000 manstealerej who are meinbers of churches. Ought this miquity togo unmarked, unaöndemned, nn reproba ted, unnbhonrd? Bi-Dther! Are you connected with a Christian church? Sec to it thnt you do your duty ns a member of it to the poor, houseless , homeIpss, hopelcss lave. Do yon think it wrontr to bny and Bell your fellow Ghriatiaós, and wiüiljold the Bible from Ihpm? Thon say soi and induce your fellow mpmbers to say so.- It wül reach tlie sluveholder's ears, and will affect his heart.


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