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Eaton County Convention

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The friends of equal nghtsfrom different parts of ihe counly of -Eaton, convencd at tho school liouse n Whcaton's scttlemeui, for the purpose of taking nto consideration the expediency ofl organizinga Liberty party. Johnson Monlgomery was caücd to the chair, and Theo. T. Stt"bbiiia choson Sec etnry. It was then unanimously agreed that it was the duty of Abolitionists to live up to ttieir professions. and accordingiy the following nomiuations wcre made for county officers for the ensuing election: For Sheriff, THEO. T. STEBBINS. For :Couniy Clerh, ORVILL INGERSOLL. For County Treasurcr, LEVI WHEATON. For County Register, OLIVER R. SCOVILL. Por County Coroners, JOILVSON MONTGOMERT, ALVA S. ARMSTRONG. On motion, it ttas resolved that a District Convention be held nt the house ot Johnson Monttromery in the town Eaton Rapids, on the firsl Wcilncslay In September, at Vi o'clock for the Ijurprse of noininating a candidate for Representntive to our next Legislature, and to transact such othcr business as may come beforo the Conventio'n. Resolved, That five delegates be appointed to attend the Senatorial Convention, and Alva Armstrong, T. T.-Stebbins, Johnson Montgomery, Joel Barker and J. D. Conldin. v.-erc selected.The following resolutions were adopted. Resolved, That as we have now organized a political party, in this county, we wil', individually makc all lavvful and reasonable exeilions to secure voies ior the samo. Resolved. That Arnericnn SlnVery is a sin against the laws of God, and a Violation of the rights of mnn, and eught to be abolished immediately, and the only tme way isby political action. Voted, That the proceedingsof the meeting be oublisheii in ïlie Sienal of Libeity.


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