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"Regardless Of Consequences."

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- Some ni:ieor (cd ycars ago. the South Carolina nulliñVrs, in their notable revolutionary manifestó, proclnitued theiriselves , after due conaüleration of iheir uudcrtaking, "regardiess of cousequencee," in teehing its uccomplishrncnt. To be so was considered - and justly - as decisivo proof of the high estímate they put on their cause, and their sincerity in it. When the Abolitionists. looking on their cause us it dcservcd to bo looked on, declarcd themselves regardless of consequences, it began at once to be regarded as a most furinlicnl and traitorous saying. Let us cali in Burns and hear wha.t Ijc has to say abuut it in bis advice to a young friend juut entering on the active business of life, 'TIc feór oí heli's thehangman's wbíp, To holil (he wretch in order, Whero'c'r you feel your honor grip, Let lhat#ayebe your border. It's sligliicst touches - instant pause, Dcbar all side pretcnecs And resoiutcly kcep its lawa, Un CABiKG coKSoQ.ur-cKs. ' ' OThe New York Evangelist has píoposed a convention of Northern nnd Southern rr.en to devise measurea for the ábolition of slavery, and próvido for conipensation to tho owner. Thut paper saye we are all slaveholders - the nonh as well ns tho south. The South holds thcm, and the Nonh returns themwhen ihey fly, and puts ihern down when they resist. The Evangelist. proposes lh;it the North should bear such a proportion of ihn loss of e'rrtancipajion, as shc lias borne of the sliveholding responsibility. There is nodanger ofsueh a schemo receivmg any eífectual support. We have but two tilinga to eay respec'ing it. First, if there is to be a general and equhnble settlement of this tremendous robbery. let all the partners como iu. They are the Nonherner. die Souilierner, and the Slnve. Let the slave receivo co:i;pens:aion for the wrongs done him. The Evangelist proposss to loave him. liio gie.ucst claimant, out of the account fqr all his demancls hitherto, and to nssesa on the least active partner in thé robbèrV. a lai'gc shn-eofífie loss wliich (he principal partner sustains by discotítiHuingití Vorycquíta'bló ana, no doubt! The north lias been slave catcher for the eouili for 50 years, and the business has been a curse to her in every department, nnd now ehe must pny the mansteaiers a bonus for quilling their trude! Secoin.üy, tíie wholc argument proceeds on the r.sstunption that t!:e s!:ivi;!nylJers, as a body. would loso in the volue of their whole propurty by thc general eiviancipaticn of their slaves. - This position we deny. Thi-re ia no evidencu ofn whateve. . ín thé West fndies. the general rise of landá; tlie iiierensed c.rertions of the laboréis,- the ren:s received by the lundliolders. and he öpplfcaiïón of improved sysiemsféf ctiTtivatiQti, rendered the esiatC3 worth more afier eniancipaion than before. Any person can sntisfy liimself of this. by reading Thome and Kimball. - The resuk woulJ bs similar in our country. - riicre would be noftoss to the slave Statf-s; a 'd if no loss, of course no emiitable claim fof conlpextation.lEFLuthcr Bradish and Gabriel Fúnrioh hnveen noininatêd ly the whigs oi' New York for Govcrnor and Lieuionar.t Governor. Tiie clacion in that S;n;e vvü! be alFccted considerably by ocal maiters - the whigs susiuinini; ilia present gigantic system of iriie'rnaí impróyenícñVa, while he Democrats are m ínvor of a suspension of be furtherproaccution of the public vrörké. tCTTlie Slate Journal snys that the abólitïon pnrty "ncglect and dísrcgard all the important juestions of the d;y, save aLoütion alone" Sd t seems the Whigs concede ihat abolition is one 'important.question of the day." Stick a pin 'icrc! Well, gentlemen, you oonstitutc the pary that attends einjihatically to l'-all the greut inereste;" teil us what you purpose to do in reference to th8one, wliich you have hitherto "uegected and disregarded." When wül you úbolah slavcry in the Florida3, in the National Disricc, and broak up the Slave Market therc? As soon as Henry Clay shall bc elccted President?


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