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Policy Of The Slave Power

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The following extract frorn the Detroit Advertispr gives a correct account of the marnier in which the North hns always been governed as a conquered province. In reading it, subetitute "sluveholding'" for "sovthern," and il wil! be right. The Advertisr, h'ftwever, doea not like to make Uiis alteralion while t advocates a siave holder for President, it would look ruiker inconsistent! "Their system has always been to créate a i -viicn at tte north, and to attnch one of thepsiriies to their own interests. In this way thev nre able to conrrol the government according to tlieir own sectionai views and 'ïnteresta. John Quincy Adams, was the first northcrn President tbr five and twenty years. As soun as he was elecied, a southftrn combi' nution wns forrned neainst ln'm, and one of the sontliern pli!icinns, R. M. Johnaon, declared that liis "admimstrntion should be put down tliouph as pureas the angela at the nght hand of Gud." John C. Calhoun, wns the m istor spirit in this combination. As Mr. Adams wos a northern man, he saw it was necPKsary to produce a división at the north. With this view he entered into an allinnce wilh Mjirtin Van Buren, who agreed to beiray the north, if he could himself be advanced. The result is known. General Jackson, a som hem man, was elected President, Mr. Calhoun, another southern man, Vice President, and Mr. Vun Buren, a northern man with southern principies, appointed secretary of state. Thid last was the price which was paid for the north."x e n.uveruser ougiu to nave pureued the liistory to the present time, by stating that this combination of Democrats and Slaveholders held t'ie reins of government until 1840, when the Whige, having discovered this secret af obtaining power, formed an alliance with the slaveholders, which was ratified at Richmond by Daniel Webster, when he said, "we of the North and soufh will join triendship in this matter." The result was that Gen. Har-' rison, a Virgmian by birth, with strong slaveholding principies, was made President, John 'i'yler, a slaveholder, Vice Presrident, and Daniel Webster, who had completed the bargain, was made Secretary of State. icTki$ last was the price whidiwaa paidfor the JYo'thJ' Now the elaveholders nnd tbeir allies have reunited, and theWhigs are a minority again.


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