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SLAVERY DlíFENDED FROM öCRIPTCRK, M' Xaxnsl the attacks of the Jlbolitiunists, in a Speech hiforc the General Conference of the .Methodist Protestant Chuich in Baltimore, 1842. Br Alkxander McCaine Baltimore: Printed by William Wooddy 1842." Tlie abovo s the litle of a pamph'et of 2R pages, rcccntly published, the work of the Rev. Alexander McCaine. Tho occasion whicb brought out this remarknhle and convincing defeucc of slavery, was the report of the Comniittee o Memorials of the General Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, held in Baltimore, in May, 1842, in whieh report the commiltee recommended, amongst other mensures, the passage of a resolution, "That slavery, as it exists in the Methodist Episcopal Churd, in these United States is opposed to the morality of the Holy Scriptures, and is consequently a great moral evil." In reply to this monstrous assertion, the Rev. Mr. McCaiue made a speech, which haa since been enlarged, and published under theabove tille. It has not been ourgood fortune to see a prodiiction which thould (ind a place in every city and cottage in the South; but tho testimoniáis we append are, of themselves,. a host in ith favor. They stamp on ita character that no praise of ours can in the least enhanco, and no revilings of our bitterest enemies ever deface. House of Representa tives, Washington, Aug. 3, 1642. L Rev'd and Dcar Sir. - I have risen front the perusai of your speech, defending slaveryfrom the attacks of the obolitionists. and cannot but express my admiration at the marnier in which the scriptoial authorities in favor of Southern institutions, have been collected, collated and arranged.' You have most cleaily shown, that from Noah to St. Paul - from Canaan ?o Onesimus from Shem to Philemon - the relation of master and slave has been recognized by God and his special mespcngers. You have most conclusively maintained theafTirmativeproposition of "anctioned slavery." Let the abolí- tionist show a negativo phrase in the Old orNow Testimcnt. Whatdo they find - either in the history of God's chósen people, or uuder the ncw dispensation.. which includes the Gentiles - declarativo of universal emancipa tion? God made tho world, and placed thereon divers orders of beings, and varied racesof men. subordinaron runs throughout the whole arrangement - society cannot exist wtihout it -and what is slavery but one of the modes of Buboratnationi What is it, but compulsory labor? and what free state exists without compulüurory labor, in Iheonny, navy, apprentjee, vogrant, and penitent iary system? When driven from script ural grounds, the abohtionists resort to the Declaratien of In dependence- All men are bom free and equal'r - tiierefore they should remain equal.. If this argument proves any thing, it proves lliat as all men are bom ignorant, therefore a!l men should remain so. Semtudein every "rnde, frorr the most. modi lied to the most absolute, i.s but the result and the manufeslation of varied intelligence - and slavery, in one forrn or other, must exist until the minds of all men are equally illumincd by the effulgence of the milleninm noon. Witli great respect, your d' ■Lj9t J. E. IJOIiMJiiö Rcv. A. McCainb. Washinoto,n, Aug. 1, J342. Dear Sir - I received a pamplilet on Sla verv, written by you, ond have read t uith. jreat pleasure. A t'cw more such bold and ndepeudent appoalt! to the Christian commujityof theNorth.if they coiild be circulated imorií them, would give a death blow to hat class, who assume to bn the self-rightion?, nnd only truc Christian3. Accept my vannest thanks. Very respoctfully your obodient servant, P.C. CALDWELL, H. of Rep. Rev. A. MdCaink. - , Washington, Aug. 3, 1842. Jhj Deur - I have read. witli pleasure, ,'our pamphlet, enlitled, "Sluvery defended 'rom Scripture. against the attacks of the Anolitjoniste." You l)ave fully and ably made good that tiLle. You have ehown, be} otid aJl controversy, that slavory is anctior.ed both by the OM and New Testament. He who denies it, if not bliuded by fanaticism, raast be a hypocrite.


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