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Position Of The Whigs

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-"Let one thing bedistmctly umlerstooa; Jn wcal or woe, piospeity oradversity, hope or ploom, there isbut ono Whig candidate for ihe Presidency in '44. Nu fortune can alter 'h;it - iMr. Clay himself wil i not be allowed to retire should he wish it. For him and none o'hcr. [bc; being alivc,] the whigs Will vote." - Tribvne of Nov. 12. To all this we say, amen! Let the Whigs c:ing to him and we will insureas rapid a desertion from their ranks as there ia of rats from a 8hip when they iiiid it is sinking. We only hope the Tribune speaks "by authority."- Liberty Press. CTThecasG of George Latimer, the fugitive elave of Boston, has been adjusted by the paynient of $400 to hi3 niasier, Much good may it do him. So it seems Boston is converted into a plave market, where Amoricans are bartercd for goldlO" A reply to Rev. J. Scotforo's communication will appear in our next, (tThe New York papers speak favorahly oftheironeday election It'saves time and expense, and is better for the moráis of people Then why not introduce it liere? OOnly one Whig member of Congress lias been re-elected in New York.


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