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'Tis íun theysny to get well with them, A LI, mankind throughout their widjs and immense c.rculu.ion that eyer iry them coniuue to buy them. Petera' Pilis nre ptttely vegJüble; thcy work no miracles, nor do thcy proesstó cure all diseñes, because they are he . scienlifiacoinpuund oía regular physic an, ho ms made bis profesión the stuc y ot bis hle. Dr. , Peters is a gradúate of Yule College, also o! the ; tfaaanibuaetts Medical Cólica?, and has somewhaid.stinguishedhimsellas B man of Bcieóce and genius nmoiS the lainiJy of the late Qjv. Peters; Peters' Vegetable l.llsare sin.plc n hcir , preparátion, mild in their action tliprough iq SSfopemion, and annvnlled in f fcr '1..Tbe town and country nre alike filled wiih tbeir , iraise The and the ptor house alike ïö with .he!r Tin. 1" a" . hey w, retain their wondwfid powers and cxe.t he unaltered by age or si.u.t.on and tb J.e volee oU grateful procluime.i.Petcr'a' l'ills plvenikeep off diseoses il tunely used. and have no rival in curiug b UHoua feyêr, ever and n-HHvlvspepsia, Hver, sicï béaliache jauüdlce, Bihmo,droP.y, ri.emalisui, enlargementofthefiplflen, piles, cohc, fc3 obs.ruction, hea burn iurred tongue _ „nu39n diatention of the ato nách nndbowels. irictpion diarrhexa. aatulènco, habi.-ud const.veness, oas of Dppetite, bloched, or sallow complexon an4 in all caaes of iorpor of the bowels, where cn.harucor aperient is ihdicatëd, producmg Líther nausea, gripïng nor dtbduy; and repent all who buy the.n continue to try t"ei"; ; The most trium,hr.nt fdoMSf W ever aUen!cd their use and enou-h is a Ircadj - Unon of l:en to immomli.e and hand .hem duwntojm ,„,;7v wiih thnimnrovcincnta ofthe age n meelicalscience. Dr. Peters was t.reu lo-ww n nfrrt,and in ord-rto siipply denunds , ho has irfginated and cnlied to his aid the only eieain drivco raachiaery in the world fpr pi wotking. 'Ta perfect, and its process Unparts to the uil emial virtue, bccause by being wroiM-ht. allthcpills' bidden virtue is revea led, wuncalledinto action,andhere ; a lso it is Peteis oxc, Isali the world and takcsi.ll the P medols and diplomas. So olear the tract fot Ate Enaine- Petera' Pilis are nnlhon of witnessescan now be herd for ihem-rcs.stless -doyou beuj thatl while a host can tesillj ,1,,-a tl.ey believe they owe their salvation from Ease'nddeathto Peters' Pili, and i. calóme andknivesarc getting partially into disuseve are only iiiisiakui. Crvi nicATF.s.- This paper could be.filled with theiu by waide'nts of Michigan, by your friends nnd neigbbors- ask bar It ís novrwen known that the pcoV)c will hnve Peters Pil.s, -.nd u hinder would be tosiop the ruslung wind. Price 25 or 50 cents per box. The resisiless Torce oí these tniths- their universal reception, adi'ed to the tpstimony of mil - ,ns. ''keep it beiore the people'" musí and will be licnrd throuuliout this vale of tears. Their happy influence on joung ladics while BÚffering under the usual changes o lile as directed by the laws of nature, thcy impart a buoyanev of heari, feeling and action, an elastic step, velvet cheek, lillyand carnation complexión by their action on .he chyle, &c. and in delicate situations alwayfl admit their power and ïnnocence, and take them two or threc at a time without in the süghtest degree incutrmg the hazard of an abortion; which faets aro of the utmost irnpomnce. Pimples: a young lady sent her lóve to Dr. Peters, and says she feels more gratefultnbim fortherestoration of her beauty tnan JT he had saved her life. 'Tis fun to get well witli Peters Pills.for thcy cause the blood tocouise nslimpid and geiitle through the veins as a mountain rivulet; 3 or 4 is a cummon dose, henee the ,;„„. ;o ni rntnnpüi-iil to make a nieal.TROUBJLE IN PLUTOS CAMP. Juite naionished Old Pluto cnmeto New Ycrk, Hearing Peters had got his Pili Engine at work,) Tü resign his commission, his huur glass and scylhe; have come to dclivcr them nll vip to you- ir. roy cnlling is over- my business ïsthrougn; have been for threeyeavs in a terrible stew, nd I ïeally don't know what on earth I ara to do;- . . ot of your n-ighty si re do I come to cornplain, But a tamal New Yorker, one PETfcltS by name; , The diseases my aids. ih this wnr of mankind, Vresubdued by this Peters, what help can we lind? .■ . . I would yield him N. York, sir, if there he would stay; But, sir. Peters will have the whole world for his While miisi'ngin cogncil what course to pursue. That Èugihe of Peters brok e forth into view. The Kling of tenors looked a while, As though his soul was tun.ed to bile, At that unsparing scourge of ills, By all men known as Peters' Pilis. These Pilis of Peters' stop the slaughter. And leavcs the blood as pure ns water. Now Peters makes, 1'v.e beard him say, Frvc hundred thousnnd pills a day;So ihat the chance is very small Of pcople dying there al all: For soon the cheeks, so marked for doom, ]join like any rose to bloom. Look herc! allwhotry ooniinue to buy ihem. For sale as Collows, by Messr?. Beach& Abel. G. Grenville, F. J. 13. Grane, Maynord, & Co.. G. Wnrd, S. P. & J. C. Jewett, J. H. Lund, H. Becker, Dickenson & Cogswellj and S. K. Jones, Aun Arbor: Geo. Warner & Co-, and J Millerd & Son. Dexter, Wm. A. L. Shaw, Lima; J. C. Winans, Sylvan, Halo, fc Smitli, Grass Lake; W. Jackson. Leoni: D. T. Morriman. Jackson; M. A. Shoeniaher, Michigan Centre; Brotherson &, Co., L. B. Kief &, Gilert, Manohcster; D. S. Haywood, Saline; Snow fcKeve, Clinton; J. Scnttergood & Cío., Plymuth: Eton. Biibcock & Co., and Jnlins, Movis&Co., Ypsilanii: Pierre Teller, Detroit: J. k. J. Bidwall, and Dr. Undmvood, Adrion. Hart & Mo3her. Springvillc; Harmen & Cook. Brooklyn; Sniiih & Co., Jonesville; L. M. Boyce, Chicago - and almost every where else. ' Oct. 19, 1S42 27-ly


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