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Following The Multitude: Gerrit Smith

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Such is man, that he will fbllow a "muhiuide to da evil;" and ihat, without the Jeast compunction, he will in company with "a muititude," perpetróte n crime, irom wliicli he would start back with the utmost horror, were it pioposcd, that he alone', or iliat h coinbined with a half a dozen orhers. sho;tld perpétrate it. Did tliis na-' tion consüt of hut half a dozen men, and were John Quincy Adams, George Brndhurn, William Sla-Je, and E. D. l,5arber, four of tliem. these states men would lose their lives sooner than listen to the base and tuilty propusition of nvesiing wiih law-tnaking powerg oneoi ihcir associaes, ifiliey knew he would eniploy those powers to favor the enslavement ui' their remaining associate, or, in deed, of any other perron. So too. if the nation al Presbyierian party were composud of but !iii & dozen persons, and Dr. Miiler, Dr. Spring, Dr Cox, Dr. Beman, and Dr. Fation were iive o thesn, these' eminent divines would Itnow too imicli to suspect themaelvee of being Christiahs were ihey to consent to belong to thie party wiitlst a condition o iu existence was lliat it shonli not protect auinst the enslavemenl of its otlio metnbér. Howad 'hal. these stutc.smr n and di vines shoult! furgot ihnt ihéif injustice is not blot ted out. not at all dimuiishcd. bv the ïtiuhiolica


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