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The correspondent of theTocsin vvritcs from Washington: I wish also lo cnll public attcntion in the north, tlio use of the neiejail, in tlus city. which, you . reniember, stands a liuiulred rods north-west of tlie capítol, over Goose Creck, or "Tibcr," as the chissical folks cnllit. Must of the nortbern pcoplc that cross it are made, geesa, by the slaveholders! The people of the fVee 6tates were taxod by Congres3 to hnild this new jail. to the amonrit ofnearly $75,000, and it is noihing buta i'EN to confine aluces hvt'i J 'or sale, and" to prevent thcir running awoyl It ia now free'y used for both purposos. Cliancy,n messenger in the capitol, put a young gif-I n, a few nights ago, wtio has only a limited time to serve! He was afrnid she would run away! Such facis take place, daily!tUTMr. Marshall of Keotucky, lately made a speech in that state in which he apologised for his long nbsence lnst winter on account of his hnvinc joined the Wnshingtonians.and the difficulty in frciting Webb to fight. He said "he called Col. Webb to the field, and onlv regrets that he won but partially punishcd for bis unprovoked. vin dictive, and unprincipled abuse of private repulation. Col. Webb had promised to fight him ín six hours but delnyed the matter near three weoks. He could not - return to Washinglon city whi'st the afluir was in progresa; for, in the District of Columbia, the giving or receiving a challenge was o penitentiary offence. If, undcruil the circumstances of wanton aggression on ihü part of Col. Webb, "he had not called him out, ÜtcTc to.s not n Prcsbyicrian lady in liis district, w'io would not have tohipped him with her garierB, to scorn and contempt, f rom her préseme-" A n admirable excuse for neglecting hïs official duties, bccausc he could not murder a maa as 'juick as he wished I Hon. Georoe Mcüükfie has been clected United States Senator from South Carolina, for the remainder of the term of Colonel Preston, resigned. and also for a further term of six year (rom the 4th of Maicb, next. This is the gentleman who considers slavery tobe the Corner Stonc of our "repubücan edifice." O" We learn from the Advertiser thal the Detroit Daily Guzttte has made ita appearnnce underthe auspicesof Sheldon McKnight. It is said to be Locofoco in its politics, or Tylcrish, or boih. [CTGov. Cass has arrived at New York. Some of the Democrats think of him für a Presidential candidato. fTFThe papers state that Sunday mails are tobe discontinued throughout New England


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