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We fiiiI nothing ot special imeresi ia tlio late doings of Congrcsá. The proposhion to refund Oen. Jack on's fi ie h"s been discusscd in the Senaie. The House has been occupiec] chiefly with the nppropriatlon I.ÜI. Butns a specimen of the manner of spendinga part of ïlic limr, we extract the following from the debate on Bott's resolution for a select committe to investigue Mr. Spencer's chnrge, tliat the leading Whigs told Mr Tylor :hat f he would not dismiss ihe Harrison cabinct, they would postpone iheseeond bank bill. Mr. Botts - My collengue says that the onc written by a respectable letter writer, charging one mernber with corruption, icos a qucstlon oí privilege: but becr.use this was written by John O. Spencer. Secretary of War, and charges half Congress wiih corruption. it is not a question of privilege. [Great Laughter ] Mr. Wise - Thu's the trentment ihnt I generally receive at my coüeague's liands. Mr. Botts- You sh ili receivo fuir justice, sir. of "order." i;order. " Mr. Wiso denied thnt .lita remarks ndmitted the interprewtion given to ihem by Mr. Bytts. Mr. Bous - I wil! not be imerrupted. Mr. Wisc snid I13 should interrupt hitn ns oftcn ns be niisreprcsentcd an! perverted what lie said. Mr. Botts - Does my colleague mean to Bay that I dt.'sifinedly did so. Mr. Wise - I can't enter nto the gentleman's designs, 6r; I can only say ihat if he had willfully designed to misrepresent what I s-id, he could not more eflcctunlly have done so. [Itonrs oí Lnuírhter.] Ii was a common thing to charge a pany with corrnption. Mr. Botta said that the c'inrgj in Mr. Spencer's letter was n gross calumny, come from where ie might; and if there had been any such b:irgain he should like to have the High Commissioner thereof hrought to the floor of the House and punished. Mr. Cushi.ig [laughing nnd in an under tone,] offer n resoïution to that effect. [Great laughter and encs of ''order," and confusión J The Speaker said he had indulged both gentlemen too much. Mr. Wise - I uever want nny indulgenco of the kind frorn the Speaker, (Great laughter) and I ncver get it. [ftonraof laughter.] Mr. Botts said that su.h an infainous proposition aa that mentionnd in Mr. Spnncer's letter ciuld not have been made without his knowing it. Cries of :oh!" oh!"A Memoer [in an nnJer tone] Pcrbips be was at a liorse race at ihe time. Mr. Botts wished (lic falsehood to bc stainped on the forehcad of him who told it. Was there n incmbcr of the Cabinct who could hold h3 office undersuch ignominious terms. A Menibcr - Yes one. Mr.Botts - Onc.I nm told, sir; but I enn't answer tor his eins. We are charged that we wmld fold our arms. and poetpor.e the second b-inkliill, if the President vvould retain Tnm, Dick and Horry, in office. I want that charge to Ie invesugaled. And now, not lo run the riskofbeing again inierrupted by.Tmy colleague. or t 'ie Chcir, I wi 11 take my seat. (Laughtcr, and cries of ':oh!'") The Speaker explained when a nioiion wns made by Fessen-Jen, of Maine, to Iay Mr. Botts' resolución on the t.ible. ,Mr. Grnnger rose and wished tospeak. (Cries of (iNo" 'No." '-Yes," ';Go on," "No," and a greot ,(Vnl of noise and" confusión. Mr. Fcssenden withdrew iiis motion which was immediately reneweJ by Mr. Bowcn, o: New York. Mr. Wise wns ptrlêetly wiüing tha t Mr. GrnnL'cr shoilil spenk, if oihers were nllowed to rrplyl Tcrriblo cries of 4iOh! '-Oh!" ;Oho!" :Oho! " "Bah," "Go on" laughtcr. nnd all sorts of noises. A Menibcr - (In an under tone.) Youve luJ yoiir liour. Mr. Wisc - Tber. f o!)ject. Mr. Granger - (Withn marked manner r.nd ■atiriciüy. ) Cinsi.lering the peculiar posilion m which tlie genllenian stnnris towanls the Frsident. Í tnkc tny seat with great plensure under the objeción. fGrenl latlghter and cries of "gooil," ';Fair hit." "Tlnt's the best ihinií I cvér heard froai Groner." '-Serve him rilit.") The yens and nnys were thpn takrn 10 Iay Mr. Boti's inotioa on ihc table and resultcd tl'us: Nofi 99 Yeas t6 Lost by ]i)


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