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I met a curieus inpfnnep of thp reckless in coneistpney of par'iz'in pdifor?. TIip. 'Forum,' a pfnny duily in Pliila(lel[)!iin, jrarndps nt t!;p liead of its pae tho nnme of Hinrv Clat {nr Prfsidput Underni'a'li, ifl leader! type. is tbr followinff aphorisni. whicli, ï i its aonjication to the most distinpniehed rinelüst of the country from a politica! pupportcr, is very ciitting: "PrRr-LïST. - A mora! cownrd, fwekinsr to hidc thR pupil nnimity of his mirul, by affertín{r a corporpal ro'inis'e. Instond of di.ciir.rgincr n n'ftol, Iherpsorf of buliips nnd hniv s the really brave soiil vi!l darp to discharge hi diity to God and mnn, by rpfiisiiijr to bren the laws of both. He is the trne !rro vh can exflnim. in iIip cuMi'me lansrange of Voltoire, "Je ernins Dien, clier Abncr, et je n'ai d'antre crointe." "I frar G"d and I have no other fenr." can be B'ii'l wíih Truth by onlv one of tlie Pre.B- identinl candidatPs now bofirp. tlie ppoplp. of the United Slafe? - Birnev the j'ist - 1 he Cliristjan- thfi emanciator- 'tlifi eelf-devotcfl and impartial friend of human rights.E. W. Sfhox, ojent of the Americnn Bihl Society, in a late puhlislisci letter, n whicli h describas certain slavks of the extreme Sout as 'the happiest pkoplk he evpr eaw,' speak #ihhipre of intfliicps vJifre ihesinvehn taken a dollar from his p' c'c 1, rrqitesfmp Massa Snhon to ppnd a hihlé to thf poor hfa then. Novv thw anrent know tfint. t!je wrech od.slnvewao liimsplf forbid to open and rem the hi!f whih Iip tva.s nnjc'otis to jve to 'poor heat hen ;"'ond that those'htppie?t peovld' vvere living' ;n pronriscimus concubina ?e Yet liia raind prnhnljJy never once refúed vn theee sins and evils, whüe he was pleading and toilmg for the destruction of hcatheniam


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