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The Somers Mutiny

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- The New Yorkpers conti: in very Jony details of the testimony in this cise. Tlie leiding fiets in tha case eeem to be iully apreed on. Small and Cromwel'. wlin were cxecuted wiili vorn-g Spencer had buth perved on board of klavers. Ye: Spencer,:ippears to have been the maln thbrocaior of llie écheme. IJut tt seems i-carccly po.-sib Ie thiit a youih of nineteon conld have delibera ely executèd such iiri infenvil plot.- - Onr rRideis w.ill rerremhor the dfiáign wiá to mnrdei tho offices nnd pnrt of the crew, turn liintes, n;tnck only sncli vessels ns they could easüy lake, then destroy the.n. anJ l;ee the fomaies as prisnners for tlieir'own purpoíes.- Tho only jus! ïficution of the sutnmary executi'in of tho mutineers, is found in ihe noceesit v of the caíe. in order to preserve the Mve3 of ilie officers nnd crev. Thia will justify the deed in the mirida of most men. 0 We have on liand .1 memorinl of Jas. G. Birnev to our Lerisl:unre,and aleó n report of the Ji)dici:wy commiiten of the Moiisr, of vvhich Mr Litllejolm is chainnan, against ex" punoing the word "white'' from the constitu ijon. They slmll bolh oppear next week.- ■ Thi last is a miserable aflair. Tlie Mouse d shonored its-eif in pnblishingit. Theyshould have referred it hack to the committee, with nstmetions to try apain. {TfO'! r S)ade's propnsition relative to theSlave Trade (not SJnyeryj' in tlie federa] DistncN every Southern Whinr voted arainst it! Hiw favorable to L brry ihe Whig party is! Saja the Advertiserr "We ore not prepared to say slavery shonld he nbolislird in the District of Columbra I" D& you think the Trade .houl J be abolished?Mr Dirken? tlipse, amonr othcr things abont his visit toa tobáceo mannfartory, nnd a plnntation near Riehmond. Wo nre gkiá din thaint juleps" fifhi.s host, c'id not stupify liim lo the wronofs of the Imlf eind. hülf-fed ílive. üftfie tohocco oppratives, he writesr Mnpy rtfie woikinen nnpparecl tobpstron nien, :nri t i-? Imrdly nfcesarv lo adel tliat ihey vpre:ill qtiie'Iy, ilion. Affpr lwo o'cfook in the !iy, ihy nre nllowed to sinsr.a cértijii nnniner at a tini. The hour while T was tíiere. sume twpniy snnr n livmn i pnrt?, nnH íaiiij it Uv no mema ill; piirsiiinij iliir wtirk moanwhile. A MI rnnsr s I wanabónt. tn fpnve, ; 'id ihpv all pnnrrd f.)"-!!! mt'i a Imildín? on thc pppóKite fi''e 01 ■ip ptrpd to diniipr. I snid sevpral times tlmt f shonld l-ktio pee thfm nnheir míl: bñt ds i lio trfíiileninn to whora I iwptionea flus delire a'ppeured lo be fiuddeii'y taken ratlicr deaf, I did not puraus tlio requeet.


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