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Gov. Morton, in his message to the L"cr? !aturc puts forih some 110M0 sentiment;?. IIis liieory is rijjlit, ivo pliall 8Be whethpr Iris practise wili correspond. VVe extract the folj O'.villjr. "Never before was the indnstry of man. i throughotit 'Jjc worhl, rovvarded with such ' universal plentifnlness. Yet we have reason I to i'enr tha! in nnd di-trcss nnvr were jrenter nr tnore wiJe!y spread. Whilo Bnitib I are 'aiirdened with superfinities, rmny nthersi re pininff 'n wnt. lnd idhüt some. are re - 1 jmcinginfrccdnnuolhers bow vnder Ihe op., I pressor's yoke nr rrlvclnntly submit tñ {Jie pot's chahi. Can eitsli a ttáte ofrivU snrtety i be in harmony ioith the ?' of H'im who creaied vs uil of onejleshand mfbd) Do-s i f nol cry aloud ƒ) mrlioration? And althong-h ! j n!l tliese evils d not c.vist in their most j fortn in tliis cotmtry, jet even here, ! inonrown favored Commonwpallh, wn fme ; abundant p'nco that the grent Chrisfmn proppt. 'Wiaisoerer ye would that men phoultj do uiitu yon, d.i ye even so to liiom.' j the oorroíporuiiiifr political doctrine of' the i oqimlitv of man, are nolduly an! pra'clícállV 'J'iie ft'ext pröflfrnph in fhe Wcífsflsre wc ; cotntncnil to the specinl Mttrntinn of ihc j Cónvlnston (S C) hyuch Commitfèe. It is quitr as itjprfhy 6f the flumes ns those nbolij ii'-n dociïmonts wlrich tltoe vijjilaht conscrj vators s'.ole 'Vom (he Post Office, and humt I in the strre's in 1835 - an-I it emanales from a far mo'e dèrigetöiiB so-tcp: "Theidmlityoflhc. humnn mee and tlw . fra'ernily f mttnkind, nrn the basis oftlie i fjreat reiiiüus and politie;:! principie ofe qiiality. On this the philanthropist and the t s'.atpiinaii founct their hopes of progres?1 ive hmnanity. Ati. mkn arm F.quAt. befork i líoD. And tliat slate oí civil society tihirh ,;iurcs the ncarce'. to grneral cquulidj tnlo'ngrltsniiiGcrJg, ismastmomdtive of con lenlnient and nappines?: r''üe that which déparlfi most wïüely from if, is ihC' proríuctive of evil paísions'and wrelchedness. VWieir thcre are i-oino very riob, thcre v ill bc majiy very poor. And thosc civil inslitntions whicn have thegreatest tei:dency !o prevent or miti-' jiratelhc extremes of condilions are the best 1 adapied to secure tlio iiigli cbj-'ct for wliich Government is instituted - the greatesti ness ot" the w liólo." It wil] bo observad tliat Uiis aph reI piuüatos t!;e common notion of tho " contad me ■ and ha ppincss' of the slavéfi. "Thc r'ght of tven man lo a valer, and an cqual voice in thc government over kim i a a natural and innale rigld. - II docsnot depend vpon Üie occidnit of birth, or thc pnssesion ofproprri. It is nol ihc zrant oj his JellviO'iiuin'the mmtdiate gift of God, who erra led in his oten image, all men,.1' Tl tho head and heiiri which could n'tor those sublime truths, wül voluntan!; a'd in surrendeririír a free ciuzcn of MaseecbusetteJ to iho Virginia task-masters, tint tliey mny b!ot &om lii brow the m.-ue of God and : stamp SLAVK there, hen do that headandj lioari belongf to 6omethinr iiore or Jessthnjii a MAN. The rgbts of.GEOH.Gfi LATi-j MKIlare the immediate gift of God; nnd, in i the !aiinrnne ot Marrus Morton, "EVERYl ATTf'MPTKD I?sVAS1()N OF TI1EAJ SMOULD HE L00K1CI) UPON WITH : INOKÏ.AT1ÜN and i'UMSIIED VV1TII SEVERITV '


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