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To Families & Invalids

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The followmg iiuTispensaW; lamily remedies may be fouirtl at the villaje drug stores, aud soon at every country store in the state. Remember and ncver get them unless they have the fac-simile signature of 'Xuí7?vkl'éXfa on the wappers, as all others by the same ñames are base impositions and counterfeita. ir the merchant nearest you lias thcm not, urge him to procure thcm at 71 Maiden-lane, the next time he visits New York, or to writc for them. No famihj should he a zecck without these remedies. BALM OFCOLUMBIA.FORTHEIIAIR, which will stop it if l'alling out, or restore it on bald places ; and on children make t grow rapidly, or en thosc who have lost the hair from any cause. ALL VERMIN that infest the heads of children in schools, are prevented or killed by it at once.Find the name of -{ptffttafivfa on if, or never try it. Rcmemhcr this always. ♦ RHEUMATISM, and Qj positively cured, and all shrivclled 7nuscles and íimbs arerestored, in the oíd or young, by the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Nerve axd Bone 'Liniment but never without the name of Comstock & Co. on it. ♦ are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack has come on, if you use the only true Hays' LiNiMiN-T.from and every thing relieved by it that admits of an outward application. It acts like a charm. Use it. ITOR.SES that have Ring-Bone, Spavin Wind-Üalls, &c, are cured by Roofs' Sr-Ecinc ; and Fotindcrcd horses entirely cured by RooftFoundcr Oiutment. Mark this, all horsemen. Balïey's Magical Pain Extractor SalvC- The most extraoidinary remedy ever invenicd for all ncw or old and sores, and sorefö i It has delighted thousands. It will take out all pain in ten minutes, and no failurc. It will cure the W' HmHUÏpJLZi3Emm LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A better and more nicc nnd useful article never waa made. All should wear them regula'rly. " ' Mff'S TKMPERANCE BITTERS : on the principie of substituting the tonic in place of the stimulant principie, which has reformed so many drunkards. To be used with LIN'S E! S PILLS, superior to au others for cleansing the systein and the humors afi'ect. ing the blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels, nnd the general bcalth. f [Sec Dr. Lin's VtCtUtW (?L fV nature, thus :] " ""■""- HEABAÖHE DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY will eflcctually cure sick hcadache, either from tho I S I di m$Á ñ or Hundrcds of families are MSmBiMlSEA usng t vith great joy. ♦ DR. SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH for the certain prevention of j S or any general sickriess ; keeping the stomach in most perfect order, the bowels regular, and irtêtermination to the surfacc. V ? üm WW1" ■ pains in the boncs, hoarseness, and l3a&V5ji are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying. CORNS. - The Frcnch Piaster is a sure cure bair any shade you wish, but will not color the skin. SARSAPARILLA. comstock coi. POUND EXTRACT. Thcre is no othcr prepara, (ion of Sarsaparilla tliat can exceed or equal thia. ff you are sure to get Comstock's, you will find it superior to all others. It does not require pufling. ♦ IE BOB. 3T- 3a!jWr9SB CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A positive cure for the piles, and au external ailings - all internal irritations brought to the surface by friction with this Balm ; - so in coughs, swelled orsore throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm npplied on a flannel will relieve and cure at - Fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it. ._ Qr. aöartli'olemeto's will prevent or cure all incipient consumption, taken in time, and is a dclightiul remedy Kejnem. ber the name, and get Comstock's. K0LM8T0CK'8 VERM1FUGE cradicatc all OT bHWÍv S m 'Idren or adulta with a certainty quite astonishing. It is the same aa that made by Fahnestock, and sclls with a rapidity almost incrediblc, by Comstock $ Co., New York. TOOTH DROPS. KLINE'S- cure eficctually. ♦ Entcrcd according to net of Coneress, n ihc year 1842, by Comstoek $■ Cd., ia the Cierk'H office of the Soutlicrn District of .New York. By applying to our agenta in cach town and "illage, papers may be had free, ehowing the most n. ""oectable names in the country for these facts, so thav. no onc can fail to believe them. 3e snre you cali for onr articlgfc and not be put cff with any stories, that others are as good. HAVE THESE OR NONE, should be your motto-rtijfZ Viese never can be írue and genuine without our names to Uiem. All these articles to be had wholesale and retail only of us. {PfflÍfyCfá4c Wholesalc Drugglsts, 1 Maidcn-Lane, .Ne York, and of oui agents. Wm. y. & J V Maynard, Agpniij AnnArb-);Mich.


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