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Painting, ï. LAMB'EBT, BEGS leave to inforni the inliabitatiis of Ann Arbnr. ntir! the siinounrünix country, tlmt i.nvin! locnicd liimsclf in the Lótr'ér VifÚg' witl) the view of ptorrng on t.'ie öbove business in nil its rnnches. (so:ne of wliich aro HOUSE, SIGN. and Ornamental Painling, GILDING nnd GLAZING. GRAlXI(i, M iiiiitiition of nll Woods. MARBLEIJZ1NG TRAiNSPARENCIES, BANiNERS, &c. respcctfully solicits i share of public pntronage. ;is h3 pricea shnll be luw 10 conform io the tinTeü aiid liia work done in the besi jn:inner. T. L. vould sny to Farmers lie is j larly desirous to ntiend to their cal!s; as produce is the bfst kind of pay. Ann Albor, LowerTown, Marcli G. 1&43. '!.-. - Iv.NO FICTIQN. ONE PR[ CE STORE. THE sMf)scribcr sull continúes to srll DRY GOODS. onrl DRY fillOCERIKS, ni No. 5. Hurón Blook. Lotee ■ 'J'oicn. JJis a;ock of each vns carcfully circe] ood we!l purebaáod, whic! cn;ibl:3 liim to scll'iuw for reariy puj. As hü believes iho monsv of iliu si.ine qnnl.ty of ever y person, is of (he sime valué, lié wil I solí to ail lor the sime pricé, and no nmount of Orulory crin swcrvc him frapi ihat coursu. Persons can make just as gootl bnrguins by. sjnding an agent, ns tocóme thcmselves. ín connexion wiih the store is a Grist and Klocring Iu.l, where lio will constamly i ayCash for Wheat at the liighest maiket price. Fnrmcrs and Whc-nt buveis can 1; va their Gristing ;md Flouring done to order nnd on i!) i most ïensonnljlt) u;nns. Tliose who wish 10 puiohnsR L!oo(la. or ot Whent fiourpc. would do wel! to c.-tll rind cnquire. hia prices, and into his ■ manner of doinjj bus:ne5s. DWÍGHT KELLOGG. Ann Arbor, Lov.crTown, Ftb. í, 15-t.TUL subscriber vouM hceby evc i.olice (o th fcnncra of ,?h,enusv, nnd ,he neifihboriiig countie, timt he boa un OII Mili now in opcrntion in Ano Arbor, Lowcr Town. [ whero lie niends al nll limes ta buy FL.X SKED, (and other íáceds used in inaking Ó1.) and pny the higliest piice, and ihe bost pj, pay.- Onk Dollau per bushel will be paid for ood cloan secd, or, one gallon of Oil given íarihe sanie qunniity. Farmers are rcquest:d to iry Flux on ilit-ir Suminer IüIIows, and ilicteby avail üiemscívcs qf two crops instond of onc. Mkrcha.nts aie rrques:ed to send i;i thfir eeed ond exohntige lor Oil in preftrence lo senciini.' lo Isow York or Boston lor it, nnd ihua keep what monpy we have in our own State. [4T--if.] JüEL R. HIDDE.W Ann Atbor. Lower Town. Mnrch 1. 1843A mi Arborlron Store. (LO W Eli TOWN.J THE .nbscnber conu'nncs lo keep on hnnd a goi.-dnsiortmcnt of Iio.i, Steel, Niiii.v, te. &c. wlnch lie ís selling rery low íor Casf. WT , „ UAiN W. KELLOGG. Morch 0, 1643. N. B. I woiild here say to thoso indúbted to me, or to tho Estáte of tny deeeascd Faiher, rluit I t iliey do not pay up soon I símil have lo wnit ! longer. urider the lnws of thh Smte. 45- 3w D. W. K. T O BOSTON PRÍXTING I A K, warranteJ.-n kegs of25 to oOpounJs ! each--30 cents per pound for newa, and 40 cents i ipV. ■ ■ ' 5 per ceiu disc1'u"' í?r cash. M, I J. I.CIaik, the manufucturnr. hns lately made ■ capital ditcoveries, which have given to Ha ín i a decided improvemunt. Jt is now pronouncetl hy the Bay Stale Deinocnt, ihe Bo-ton Unüy M.iil, and by seveial printers in New York who have used it, a first anide, and equal if noi superior lo any in the countiy. Primers ofmws}.aperf, wiio insen this adver1 tlc'n,ont mcluding this nolice. to tho nmount ol .I, and forward a paper c ntainirg ihe same. Wlll be allowcd that siini in their next purchnse or lnk. at the Michigan Book Store, JciVcrson Avenue, Detroit. 45 ■tniiujj-j7 if" A ' '" into thc metosuru ót the ':HKflH Váubscnbcr, about the lirst of ÈÊpSaBEEf November tast, a Iit;ht red heirer, SftgipiJS wit'1 60me wh'te under tho belly, aLom artificia! marks. The owner is desired to provo property, pay charges, and lake her awuj. „ ., KDWAHDPHELPS. Ypsilnnti, Fcbv lst, 18-13. 8vv-43 CAME into tlie inclosureol :he subscriLer.on i!iü fiíicenth day olOctober l;ist, Uo coica, one is a palé red. ralher brownish arotind the heul: tho other is a brown. with a star n the forehead. The owner is rt q-iested to pro e property, pay chnrge?, and tak o tliem away. BEJÏJAM1W l'RYER. Salem, Fib. 8, 18 .'3. 8w-43STEAM FOUNDRY (NEAR THE RAIL P.OAD DEPOT.) PARTRIDGES, KENT & CO. have erccte and put in operation a l'oundni. and are no j prcpnred to furnisii to order most kinds ot' Cast nis (or Mills, or other M&cbinèry. Sugnr om ! Cauldron Kett'.es. Potash CÓolere, most kinds o jHoilow Ware, SleigÜ Shoes. Fue Dog, Wa Í on and Bugpy, PJyugha nnd Plough Cast ingsoi' the varioi.s kinds used n this Suite, nm the most npproved pnttenis used i i Ohio, all o wlnch they rcspectfully invite the Pubiic to ex aMiinc. Thcy are prepnred to Airnish Farmers and otheri with PLOUGHS as early in the sea l son as they may be wanietl for use, and which ; wiü be wirruntcd gond. All Castings mnde by them iil be sold CHKAP. and fur READY PAY on!y. JOB WORKj IliOX TUR.MNG AND FfNISHlNG done to order, and on short notice, at tho Machino Shop of ij. &. R. PAHTUJDGES & CO., next door to :he Paper Mili. First Arrival IIV 1843. In conncc:iin with the Foun.lry and Machine Shop, HARlllS. PARTRIDGES & CO. üdve just oponed a welt selected stock of NEW GOODS!! such aa groad Clutlis, S1eotnjí3, Merinos. S.'iiiüetl.s. Shii tilias, Mublín de Luiría Beaver Cloths, Ciiu](!ts, Shawls, Kentucky Jeans, Fianncls, CoíícVes, Alapaca, Boots & Simes, Calí Skins. 8OLEJ3VD UPPER LEATHER. A good nssortment of Hardware and ' TfS, all ot which will be sold as low for Cash, &a auy other store in Ann Arbor.II. P, & Co. vi!l lake in e.vcliange for Goods, IIid:s, Park. Lartt. Butler, Flux Sccd, T.m:hj SjccI, Tnllotr. $-. on as favorable ternis as anv Store liere or elacwhcrc. Any quantity of WHEAT WaMcd, ond the higiiest prico paid. Lowcr Town, Ann Arbor, Feb. 1, 1843. 42-3in CLÏSriÖÏV SE.UINARY. sprÏno tkrm.j nniIE si.vtli rciítilnr term of 12 wteks will coinI JL menee on Monday. February (. ltí-13. TL'ITtOiV. For common Eng"]feli branches, 3 00 Fnr higlicsf Knglish biuncl'cs, 4 00 F.r Lriliii ítiid (reck. 500 Board, includin Room, Furniture. am ; VVastiing. at $1 25. Tuilion to Lie )aul ín ndvnnco. Lnilics and gênllenien from abroad will be rei quired to present a cerii fíente of guod mora characfef; nnd by a standing rule of thc Semina ry. no wjhoíor whu persis's in ilio use oí 'profane or obscene language," is allowed to cuntinw his conncciion wiili us. 'J'lu's rule, wiiJi n number of otliors, have been adopted by a vote ofilic PchóuT. 'I'lie Eiiíilisli text books tliat are ndopted nre gencrally such as are in use in tlie best Academies and High Schools. The Clnssical bonks nrti such as are requiied for admission to Culleiro. C'onsideralilo lias been doie to furnisli manual labor fortlmse wlió isii, in tliis way, to pay for a part or all of llieir board. Studenia'can enter ai nny tinte d::rii)g the term. ihough i: is much to iheir advantare to enter nt ihe bóginñiliff. GKO. V. fíAXCnOFT. Trcnptor. MRS. BANCitOFT, Prectjtiress. Clinton. Jan. 25, JÖ43. 41-lf.ANN ARBOR. PAPER MILL. TJIf-2 proprietor of tli3 establishment is now prepnred 10 invite to it the attontion of the business enmmtinity. Uis JVIill ,as been rcoenily fittcd up by tlic nddnion of jmprovcil. and very expensive ntfit-liinery, cfjwQl ifrto! suporior, 10 any in ihe Wcsiern country. Ho fhilcis hinifell thnt lic enn now manufnetnre paper to the entire satisfnetion ofhia. ctisiamors, boili s to quality anti price. Proii-'. dcd aheiys tlint he p' is snis'nctory returns in the j wny of puy nent; which lic has becouio satifigj '- - -■■1 ii a very esaeniiol poin: in the paper mokinsbuit11C88. His paper 3 of a kind thnt VilI vrörk eaty ufoa types act to almo any creed or principie, repuj dmtion doctrines alw.iys exccpted. I The great expense nnd Iroublc. to h'hích ha has been subject 10 et „, 0 respectare paper manufaotory withm th.ia State: is an argument that opplies Jiat-lfstrongly to the sincerity. pniiiotisn. nnd genero8iiy.,of the prolesaed fiemlsof ;Hom lndusiry"and -'Doniestic Manufaciurra." aswcll os to all who ure dUpoeod to encouraco 'manufaeturing enterprisu w'ulun our nfuni St. Ho asks (or the patronage of the pnüig porton thp conimuniiy. l.nt npon no oilier jirincipieiiian that of.-.jual rights. and rcoiprocal ad. VMage. c, N ORMSBY. I Ann Arbor, JBn. 9, 1343. 3v-39 irPsiíijñTACADEJIIY, TEACHERS SEMINARY. Til E tenth term of this insiitution will comnience on Monduy, Fcb. 27, and continuo II weeks. Hoving procurod the nssistanco of twocompoteiït nnd sBccesefui Tuachcrs, the principal is prfpared to give a thorough English and Clawicai edueation. He wiH devoie his u-hole attention to ihe English depurtment as heretofore. From 20 lo 3J mniuiea is dailv occupied by the principal in Icciurinp. with the aid of the apparatue and mncrala, or othcrwise. 4]paraus.- The Instiiiuion isfurniahed with Che:incul, Philosophical. and Astronomical appnratus, Survcying Instruments, Geometricalaoluls, &c. to the amount of 300; also, a good Oalxnet ol MinornU worth $.53. Tuilhn 'm the English branches, from $2.50 to $5,U() per term : Laiin nnd Grcck, $3 00Pronoh, $3.00? English and Classical studies united. $(J,00 only; Mi?zotinto and Chinene or Theoreni painting, $3,00 each for 12 lesjon, inuclu by Mrs. Grillin. The luïtion a to be paid at the niiddle o the term. ISo ilcductiin for absence will be made, except for protracted sickness, and no one will be received for lese than five and a half weeks. Board, incluiling ro0m and washing. for Sil 50 per woek . For further particulars enquirc ot tho principal. H. IT. GR1FF1N, Principal. CHAS. WOODRUFF. Teacher of Lntin, Greek nnd French Miss CAROLINE A. HAMMOND, _ ., . _ __ Acsistant. Ypsilaati, Jan. 2G, 1843.HOLMAN'S THIS Oi,TM:NTstnndsat the head of nll romedks for the following diseooes which nature is heir too, viz:- 11HEUMATISM both Chronic nnd infiamitory - Gout - Sprains- Bruïses and contracted TENDOKS ol lung standing- It discusses all tumorn-s-renders stiff joinu Itmber by producing n healthy muscular nction. Il assunges pains in Bow.s and Aucesses Nolhing cquols it in stelled and inflamcd Brcasi in Females, if npplied in early etage, prevonta upperation or matter furrning, and givee in all cases mmodiatceasefrom pain. Certificatca oí tuis fact could be givcn if ncccssnry. This rcniedy is oflered to the Public with th ful nsíurance that it far e.vcels tho Opodddoc' andLimments of the picsent day, for the bove disensos. A trial is onl wantod, to give it the (kxided prelerence to every thing else. Mnny Pnyscianu o( eminence have used this ointment and extols ts merits. „9 The above ointment is for sale wholcsnfe and ratnil by l, BECKLEY Aun Arbor. Hower town) June I5th, 1842 9L1S TA 'I E of Charles Tozer, lato of Webster, J in the County of Wosiitenaw, deceased.- ' he untlersignerl havo been duly oppiinted by the Hou. Geo. Sedgwiek, Judgc of Probate of ihe county aforesoid. Conmssioiicrs. to receive, examine, ntijusf.. and aliow he daims of tho crelnois to sad estáte, which s represented insolvent, and six months are nllowed by said Udge, to saul creditors to present oud prove their claims, beiore said conimissioners, who wil! mee: or the purpose nforesaid. at the Inn kept by Jolin VValdo in ibe village of Dextoron f,e fira"i Mondays of Mnrch nnd April, nnd at the flwelling louse of Stephen Cogswcll in said Webster m the 22ik! day of June next, at 1 o'clock. P. u. on each J.ty respficiivoly. iVHJNNJS KENNY, ) JOHN ALLEY, SCotn'ra. JAMES BALL, Jr. S Webster, Dec. 22, J842. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND THE Pt'BLIC GENERALLY. THE subscribor has on lmnd nnd offers for sale ai low rales, a large and geaeroios, i tinent of Drugs and iMedicines, Pumts. Oil-. tfrnréh, Dye StufTe. &c. fee, v'vh every arele in the Drug and Pairtf line. Persons wish n to purchose any artioles in the above line ne equesteJ, beforepu-xlinsinseigewhere, to cali at V1 , , 3 PIERRE TELLER' S. Wholesalo nnd Rctnil Drucgist 139, Jeflcrso Avenue, sign of the Gilt Mortar, Detroit.SALARATUS- Aprime article in boxea or bands, for sale at he loweat prices by ; rj A4Ö F' ÖEN1SON, St.iJ. 21, 1312. ft jGRAVE STORES, MOKUMENTS, TOMB TABLES, &c. THE subscriber has a larpe nssonmcni oí Marfil?., of the best qtinliry, suifable for j Gavj5 Stonks. Mu.vmsn-ts, &c. whicb he will i sell chcap ur cns.'i, r excliange for produce, at liis o!c stand. No. 00, Woodward Avenue. De truit. Persons xvisliing to buywill do we.'l to cali, as thi'y will be sold muuh clieaper ihan have cvr been aflbrded in litis Sialc, and of a Quality that cinnot Jail lo pifiase. VM. L. PETERA. Detroit, Oct 27, 184?. 29- lv "33: tags of ïrfnftfnfl ZZTÍne forLoí." JÁCÚSON TEMPBRAJSCE IIOUSJE7, BOTANIC MEDICAL STORE, WTith Hot and Cold Batbf. Dr. J. T. W1LSON F.t$t cud of Main. Street, Jucküon, ííich."ECONOMY IS WEALTII." Til i: Subsciibors witl pay two cenu pwpound in Gooiis nr Paper for nn quantity of goöd Iwn SVV1NGLE TOW, dclivcrt-d at the Arm Albor Paper Mili. JONES & ORMSBY. Ann Arbor, April 27, lc?42. tf NEW GOODSü ' FDEN1SON, is now reccivingns usujlty w'll selccted nsscriment of (all ood vyinttr üüODS. which wiil bo sold chcp foi fli or orter. N. B. As chcap as nny in towi SepuniSerSl, 1812, tfó.l QATTINETT WARFS ON BEAMS - O Tiie% 11. Satom A-, Co., 138, Jefierso Avenue, oifor far salo a lnrre stock of isnttineit V'nrpst frxni the New York milis. Thfso Warpsar considcril superior to nny othr r i-g iho oouirj-, apd wil[ bc sold, for cath,, a o nuil


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