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Another Glorious Whig Lost

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The National Intelügmcer of Ftbruary 18, contatos the following important announcement, at the hcad of ts editorial columns: 'Ve regret to be obliged to acid to the the list of Whig Representativos ín Congre?s wlio have declined being candidatos for ieelectioiij that of the Hon. William B. Campbell, of the State of Tennessee, whose rctireïnent froin Congrcss is deeply to be regretted by evey friend of Wiiig principies." Our readers uill recollect the name of this "glorious Whjg," from the circumstance that it was lic who administered a little salutary plantation discipline upon the Hon. W. W. Boardman, of Counecticut, by knocking him down in the street atink' cocí bleoíl,after a night's sleep for the crime of insoler.ce,in veotufing to say in the hearing of his masters, that he thought it a ahame to treat Mr. Adains as tliey wcre doing. No wonder the Intelligencer mourns his retirenient. So accomplised an overseer is invnluablc on any plantation. "Every friend of Wliig principies," like iheintelligeucer, must sec that it will be impossible for the Clay party to get on if so many of the overseers quit thcir posts. The prospect is that they will be badly off for overseers in the nexL Congress. Uotts is too Iazy Cost Johneoñ is too dissipated, Stanley's voice is to weak, Arnold loughs too niuch, and eo on. Unless the glorious whiga of the South will send in some new overseers, com-, petent to the business, there will be queer


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