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Mr. Birney's Memorial

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Mr. Birney's Memorial furnjshea the best test of the eincerity- or rother, we should gay of" the insincerity- -of tbc miserable party hocka who, unhippily fdr the country, have maunged to get its afi'airs inlo their hands. Tliere" ia not a member of the last lcgislature, who woiild not say to one who bhouid undertake tó chide him for bis supineness under the insulta and cncronchméiits of the sJave power, that he was no friend to síavory, and that he wished samo constitutional nieans of abolishing it existed. Now, if Mr. Birney's postion be true, that there ia no obligation resting on Michigan, or ony other of the Nortli -WesU ern States to permit thodavc-catche8 to scizo Immun beings within their limits- no matter how they have come within them- and hurry them away into slavery, there is a constitutional way of abolwhing slavery; aye, and a speedy way. 13ut we bodeiátabd the committco to wljom it was reforred,made no report on the merits of the memorial. They eluded its posiíions, by repoUÍnff, that títe questiona it inooted belonged to the Judkiary Department, und not to the legislature. Who beüeves, for a moment, that conld Mr. Birney'a arguments havo been euccessfully or even speciously answered, they would not havo been? " .We do not sny, tbc Whigs, had they been t:,e majorisin the last legislatura would hare acted any better than tbe demoerats. What can be expected in favor of liberty from a party vvbich holds up as its representative a man who enslaves some sbty or more of his fellow creatures? Or, in favor of morahty and religión from a party wbich strive3 to place in the first office of tbe country one who has been, fhe is not now,notoriou3 as a ganibler , and who at the age of ühree, professea bis alacrity to set at defiance the laws of God, and of hits country, by oiming at tho Jife of his fellow-man. Verily, wbiggery would, if it had its way, bring the country to a pretty pass! Can an honost man vole for one who is. and who lms been through life, a slavohüiderañd a duéHst, and looking his neighbor in the face, 8ny, I'm a friend to Jiberty, to humanity, to luw or to good order?


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