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The Governor and Council have counted the votes for members of Congress, nnd their official repoit shows in five districts a Liberty ote of S827, being n guin of ex hunrircd over the vole in February, nnd a gain in every district. The gain in the entire niimber of votes cast wns only G73, of which 6Ü0 was on the Liberty tickets. Hudson, who was elected, had 115 fewer votes thnn at the forrner trial wken he was defeated. Tn the third district, the Üssex Transcript says : "There is a largre inerease of Liberty votes in every town. Metliuen threw five timps a mnny vol es as at the last election, and Box ford in the s"me proportion; the voteof Newbnry more than doubled; nnd Gwgetovr;t West Newbnry, and seve'ral other tov)is sliovv a cheerinp inórense for Liberty. Our vote at the lust election was 740; it is now 1023 - S03 ffaii) since Febniary - and tlmt, too, with a whi? candiiiate in the field Rgaütft us. uho made rent professions of abolitiuii, and was nominated expressly to secure anti slnvery votes. But the voto of thether rumies has fallen ofF, and ur relative gtü is more tlian 400, since the Febrnajy electton. Our friends have ocenf-ion to be encouraged. We gain at every trhtl." In llie four vacant districts, the whiga lack 1C95 votes of a müjority, or 424 on a:i average.fj3 The Marshall Statcsmnn Fppaks of "the stand t kon by the Sipnal of Liberty arainst Mr. Gjddings." Jï'lmt stand havo we laken? We have never called in qtiestion hts eincerity, or nndi'rvalued his service.1. We respect ond admire the eneray and firmne?s he hns As Uyed in re.istiiiji the encroaohments of the elaveholders. But wc do tuke ground npninst the wisdom of depending on slaveholdinnr politicians for nnti-slavery action; and against his position tliat Mr. Clay is a good man Tor the Presidency, and that General Scott is first rate. We wül submit to our readers whether we or Mr. Giddings js right. QJ". Tvo brutos in Ponnsylvania Jiave been cndeavorin- to kil) eacli oiher scientifical'y on a bel of $500, by a íight nt fisty cufiV. Tlie battle lasted an hour and fifty-six minute?. - The miniber of rounds waa 169. Buth of tbem were nearly dea at the end of the ñghl. One vas a Philadelphinn, and the otlier wis an Knglishmon, who carne over on purpo?e to fight Suilivan, whoisuort in the Siate Prison in New York for parlicipating ia the murder of M'Coy. IQ3 There has been a recent atternpt to btirn the Sinjj Sinnf prison. A revolt Vas al80 commenced among thefemale ptisoners. - Plans of mischief have been hatching Tot some months through the Sunclny School. One of the most shrewd of the female convicts bas eerved as a monitor over a class. It was discovered that she read a chapter to her pupils, and at the end of every verse, explained to thern, not the meanin of the sacred oiacles, but various schemes of vice and villamy which she ifttehdéd to can y out after her departure from tlip prison and in whieh she asked the co-operation of the pupils{Lƒ A friend sugq ests the propriety of rcpubüshing O'Connells ruldress to the Irishmen of tliis country. We think it unncef-sary at present, n? It lias twife oppeared in out paper. It is eaid that Fnfher Matthew, a prominent signer of tlie atldres, is al) out to visit tl)is country. If so, he vrill be oble to present unqnestionable proof to all our Bcepticii irish i'ricnds, if such tiiere bc, that the document is nuthentic. Cy A correspondent requests us to publisli the yeas and' nnys on the repea) of the adiilteryajid fonn'cation law?. This we cannot do, for they are not in our Joossession; nor do we know whetber they were recorded ut all. Perhaps our correspondent can procure the information he secks froro the nienibfirs of tlie Legislature of Us own county. They will doubtlcsfl be abie to recollect their own votos on this question. 25" A thousand and one rumors have appeared in Ihe papers of tlie resignatton of Mr. Webster as Secrelary of State. It has not vet taken There are some indications thal Daniel inteiids to be a candidato for the Presidency. y 05a" Flour is now selüng in New York at $5,00 to $5,37. It is anitcipated that the price mil fall v.-ith the first arrirala from the Canal .


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