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The debates in the Ohambers on the secret service money termiuated in a complete miujateriul triumph. M. Güizöl rtairltailied his ground firtnly and eloquently in debate against M. de Lamartine, M. de Toqueville, M. Móle, M. Tluers and the otber orators of the opptsïlfon, and the vote ehmved a májority on his eide of 40. ThU imlicates that tlie cabinet y.-ill witLstasd ají the powerful efibrts that fcawe èeH mac fur its overthrow. The epeecb of Guizot in reply to the cuncluding üentnnco of a rhnpsody tiy Lamartine, "eillier Trance n ustceaáe tu bc Franee or you must ,cease to govem hér' ia spófeou of as one of -the m8t eloquent aud powerful ever projioineed iit the Cfinmliers. Tne ameadiaent of the opposition was rcjected, 2-12 to 197 and tke bilí fiutlly pwáeJ by a v;ite uf 244 to 155. 'f h? packet-ship St. Louis, Capt, BnstofF, arrivec at tUis porton Friday afiernoon, briugia? Pa'is papers u? to the 7th uit. 8ho bunga iittle news of bfiorlance, os her dates ure onfy two dnys later 'thau were rccelved by the Liverpool pneket. The ncw Ambossador of the Ottoman Porte Kafi Effendi, arrived in Paris oji the evening of the C:h. Mndtid pnpera of Feb. S8,contaïns ao nccoont of the receptions at the Palace of the Regent on the preceding day, on the occasion of hia fato.A masked ball was given at the Palacc oí' Berlín, Prussia, Feb. 23th. There were iasueil 3,500 inviiations. At 11 o'clock upsvards of 4,001) pcraons sat dowu to a magnibcent supper. A sliglit shock of an earthquakc wds ffch at Leipsic, Feb. 13th. Montely has beenconvicted at Orleans, of tbe robbery and murder of Boisseürr, a messengcr of an ürleana Bank) 'm November laat and tenteneed to bc executcd on the public square, The birth-day of Washington was cclebreted on the 22d dsy of February with prent enthusinsm, by tbe Americnns at Rome, and Mr. Jenifer, the Americnn Minibtcr al Viennn, gave a splendüi ball in honor of ihe day. It was attended by the liighest dignitaries ol'the Eaiperor. Yucatán.- By the arrival of tlic schooncr Octovia, Cxptain Churchill, which left Sisal on theSlst of March, we have received our file of Mcrida papers to the 2Sth ultiiho, and verbal intelligence from Sisal to the day of her departnre.A despatch published u the Bol f tin (Mcrida) of ths 23th, inlortns that the Yucatecos assaulted the enemy on the Eminencia, in the rear of Campeachy on the SCtb ofMarch, and I íept upa ve y brisk firefor three hours. The Mexicnns, it was 6upposed, had suffered considerable losv, whiltí that ufthe Campechunos was inconsideruble. The assuiknts returned lo the city wil hout effect 'm the tlisJodgemeiit of tiie Mexicans. During the day no vessel of war belonying to the eneiay was seen iu JQTt. The Mexican fleet had landed thcir forces nt Sclma and burned the town. They enijarked on the 2Oth ultino, and proceeded lo Tilshae, wlierc thcy again lamled. It vas thought Uiat Sisal woulif bc tlie fust pluce of atta.rk, olTvliich port the Mcxican ileet was hourly expected. Four thousaud five hundred troops liad heen despatchcd trom Meiida, Sisal tint' ïlunacomah, to meet the encmy on their tnarch fnim T!shne. The bombardinent of Campeachy was yet conlinued, without serious d;tnage. Troops were daily deserting the Mexican Army.V. O. Ene, Cih insl. The Revolt in Porto Rico.- 'The parag-raph publidhed n our paper of ycsterday undcr the Pilot Line flead, ia ieluiion to the rising among the n.groesat Porlo Riro, nnd an hourly expreted uitack upon tlie whitesr, is cnlculiitcd to excite mucli opprehens'on. This Spanish Island is 120 miles long and 40 wide. Il contnins abcut 200,000 inhubilants, half whites and Half bkeks. From its proxi.nity tu St. Domingo, in connection with the recent revulution, and the probnbility of the trouble havinjy beon fomented by Ilnytirns, nriditional interest i.s is imparted to ihe nrws. We are assured moreovor, by persons who have recently minijled with the Ilaylion, thai a disposition exists among tliut people, to assist by every tnennsiu their power, llieemancipatin of ihe colofcd race now iti bondage. - Philadelpkia Inqutrer. The Mndisonian pubüshes the ratifid treaty made with the Sac uiid Fox ïniliiiis on the lltli ofOctobor. Hy this treaty the tubes of Sacs and Fnxeá cede to tli3 U". S., forever all the lands west of the Mississppi river to wtiich t!u?y have any cl.iim or tille, orin which Miey iiavc any interest wlialevcr - reserting n right to occupy a portion of ïhe land ceded for a term of tliree years from the tinif of sit'ning the trenty. Tn consideraron of this cession the United States ngree to pav animally to the Sacs and Foxes an interest of five per cent upon the snm of ($300,000, and to pny tkwirdebts mentioned in a sched.ile annexed to the treaty, amounting to S2i8,5(3G 34. It iá made tlie duty of the President of the United States, ns soon af:er tlie rutificaLion of the treatv_as imy be conyenient, to assign a trac of land suit:ible for ludían puroosses to the Sacs and Foxes for a permanent and perpetual residohce for them and their descendants, wFifch tract of land shall be on the Missouri river or some of i!s wiiters.


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