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WOOLEBÏ } M1WV1ACÏOUÏ. THE subscribers wouldinform the public ihnt they are now mamilacturing WOOLK.N DLOTIÍ nti n dcgrce of succesa equal to tlieir noat sanguine expectotions. VViili the machia :ry they now have, they are ablu tu manufacturó rom 75 lo 100 pou nds of wool per day. The ;loth they have maile for the Inet tlirce inomhsi )f the bcft (uality. and that made in tuturc will )c bimilur. Tliey have euiirely overeóme the lifficuhict. of sturting an esiablishment of this ünd in a new country. Their terina are 37J ;ents per yard for ful led clotl finislied. or holf the ïluth will mako. lf any olteration of the ternas shfiuld bc deternnned on, public nutic-e will bf iycn. AU wool received bifore sucli notice is givcn will bc worked on the above tcrnis. Ifkny wish to have tlieir wool worked without mixing it with olhcr wool, it will bc done, prvvidcd they nssort il themsolves, nd lurnish it in quantities of 10U pounds of one qualiiy of wüdI. It is tnueh betier to sew up wool in aacks thnnto tic it up in blankcts; the cloih ehould be itionc. Provistonsof nll kinds will bc receivod in paymem for manufacturing to the amount rcquired lor the consumption of the cstnblishnit-nt. YVool sentby railroad to Scio. will be properly attended to; the number of pounds should bc iiurked on thesack withink; also the weiglit of the aick. - wool will be worked in turn tis it couirs in. iis ncarly aa can be done with reference to the different qunliiios. ICr Many Farmers have expresscd to ua thcir tjrntification in consideration of our starting this hranch of business, nnd many have cncourajíed us by their patronnge during the last ycar. Wc now invite all to bring their wool, to the nmouiit of 5,0( 0 pounds. and reccive the benefit of the very roasonnblc terms on which we ofler to manufacture it. The cstnblishnient is k milest west of Ann Arbor, on the llunm. s. w. Koster. & co. Scio, April 30. 184M. 1-tf


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