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Tlireshing JMachin es. THE undermgned would inforin the public Iliat ilicy continue to manufacturo jlonsi. PpwxHsond Thushiso JVUchinks, two nnd ' a half mil 's from the villnge of Ann Arbor. on the rail-rond. The Jlorsc Power a a luie ; invumion by S. W. Fusicr, and is decidedly superior to any otlicr ever ofiered to the pub' lic, ad will nppcar by the statements of those 1 wlio have usett tlicm during tlie last year. Ji is light in weight and suinll jn compnss, bein carried together with the Thresher, in n com" inon wnggon box, and drawn with case by ' two Iiorse8. It is as liule liablc to break, o'r get out ol repair, as any other Horse Power, and will work as easy nnd tbrash ns much wh f'our liorscá uttaehed to it ns any oiher power with fivs. horses, as wijl nppear from ihc recomniend-uions belöw. ' New patterns have been made for tlie cast Iron, ana addilional weight and strength applied wherever it , had appcarod to be necessary from one yenr's use oi' the machine. The 8ubscribcrs deern it proper to state, that a numberof horse powers were sold lust year in the villagc of Ann Arbor which wcre believed by tlepurchnsers to be those invented by S. VV. Foster. nnd that most or nll of thern were either made materia IJy did'ercnt. .orottered betbre sold, so ns to be mnterially different from thosc made and sold by tho subseribers. Such alterations being decidedly detnmenta'. to the utility of the machine. 'J'hey have good reason to believfe thnt evety one of tlioHc returnud ly the purchusers as uiitíiitiáfac lorj were oi' this class. They are notaware that riny Power that went from their shop, .-md was put in uae, :is they mnde it, has been condemned or laid asiduas a bad machine. Allwhowisli tubuyare invitedtQ examine them and to enquire oi" those wln ntivö ftped thom. There will be oncior exnniination at N. H. U'i.vci'.s, Dixlt -r riltairr; nnd one at Makti WiLs'ós"s 'storèfioüèé ia T)tnit both these gentlemen being ugeins for the aale of' them. The priec w'Hl be $120 for n four horse power, with a thresbing innchino, with n BttfVe or wooden bar cylindcr; and rTM) for a horse power with a threshiiig maphine with án iron bar cylinder. The atténtion of the reader is invited to tne folio wing recommendations. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio. April 20, 1S-J2. RECüMMKXDATfüXS. This is to certify that wc have used one of S V. Foster's newly invented Horse l'owers foi about five monilis, and (hreshed with it about 3UU0 bushels, and believe it is constructed on hetter principies than ntiy otnfef Horso Power. One of the undeáíigned lias ovvne.d and usedeight diQerent kinds of Horse Powers, nnd ye believe thnt four horses will thrash as much with this Power as f r-c, will with nny other power with which we are acnitfiint íkAII. CASE. S. G. IVÉS. Scio, January, 12, 1S42. Tbia ís to infoim tlie public that I liavc purchascd, and have no-.v in use, one of the íoií-u Powors recen tly invented hy S W. Foster, nindé hy S. W. Foster, & Co., and believe it be constructed upon better principies, and requires léss strengíft of horses 'thau any oihcr power with wliich 1 ani aoquuinted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clcmcns. Sept. 8, 1S4J. Thisis to infonn thc pnhlic that I have pur chased oneof the Horse Powers, recently in vented by S. W. Foster, and usad it for a mmi er of months, and helieve it is the br.t powc -co. wnrkina wjth Ii.'ss strenéih of horse tlian any other powcr with which I ani aeauninted, and being small ín compnes. i asily moved from one place to another. believe 4 horses wiij thresii ae rnuch witl tbis power as 5 will with any other power. The plan and lhe worlcitíg o'this power have been universally approvod of by fenriers for whom I have thrashed. E. S. SMITIL Scio. April 11, 1,342. SMUT BI ACHINES.' The subscribers make very good SMUT MACHINES whicli they will sell for $60: ThTa machine was invented by one of' the subscribers. who has had many year'a e.xperience in the milling business. We invite those who wish to buy a cood machine for a fair pricc tobuy of ns. It is worth as imnli as most of the machines that cust froni 150 to $300. ST. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April, 18, 1812.


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