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Peters Pilis 'Tis íun iheysay to get well with thcm, ALL mankind througbout thcir idc and immense cfrculation thnt ever try tnein conmute to buy ilicin. Petera' Pilis are' purely vegci.-ible; ihcy work no miröek-s, nor do they profess to cure all diseaecs, because they are the scientific compound of o regular physician, wlio tins made his profesaion the siudy of' his Ufe. Dr. Peters is o gradúate of Yale College, nlso of the Müssachusetts Medical College, and has somewhatdistinguished liiuiFclf :is a man of ecience and genius ainong the family of the late Gjv. J Peters;' Peters' Vegetable Pilis are simple intheir preparation, mild in their action, thorough in their operation. and xinrivalled in their results. - The tüwn and country ore alike filled with their praise. Tbc pnlace aud the poor house ahkc eclio wiih iheir virtucs. In all climates fhey will retaiii their wonderful powers and exert them unaltcfed by age or situation. and this the voice of a grateful 5oinnmnity proclaimed. - Peters' Pilis prevent - keep cff discaees ii timely used, and have no rival in curinr billious fevtr. fever and ague,dyspepsia, liver, sick headache, jaundice, nsihina,dropsy. rlieumatism, cnlargeiiicnt of tlie spleen, piles, coliu, feinalu ohstruction. heart burn, furred tongue, nauI sea, disteniion ot'tho stbhiach nndboweis. ineipient dirrha;a, flarulence. 'habitual consttveness. lossof appetite, blocheil, or saüüw coinplexiün, and in al] cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cntliartic or apcrienr is indiented. producing. neilher naustn, -griping nor dcbility; and h'e re pea t all who buy them coniinuc to try t!ieni. Tho most triumphant sucecsg hns ever atiended thcir use and enbugli ia hlreadv known of ü:em to immomlize and hand ihcin 'dmvn lo pos terity with the improvenicnis oftlie age m mtd ical seience. Dr. Peters was brcd ui the healingart,and in order to supply demands, he has I onginatcd and calletl to liis nid the only eteain I driven macliinery in the world for pil } working. 'Tis perfect, and its process imparta to the piii essfiniül virme, becpiise by being perièctly wrought. all the puls' fiiddcn virtue is rcvonled, [ when called into ac:ion. and here also it is Peters excelsnll the world and takes all the premiums, niedals and diploma. So clear the tract for the Engine - Peters' Pilis are coming- n million of wit nessescan now bc hord for ihem- resistlcss -do you hear that! vvhile a host can testify that they believü ibey o we ihcir salvaiion froiii disease and death to Peters' Pili, and calóm'i ! andknivesarc getting panially iiiio ilisuse wc are only mistaktn. Ckktificatk?.- Tln's paper coulc! bc filled witli thtinby rcsirlcnts of Michigan, by your friends and neighbors - ask our ngents', It "is now well known tlmt the people will have Peters' Pil!s, and tu hi:i(ier would betostop the rushing wind. Pnrc 2ö or 50 cents per box. The rcsisilessforce of these futlis - their universal nxeption. addcd to the testimony of milllons, "keep it bciurc the öcopfo',' muatan'd willbc lieard Uirouglioiit tJiis ynlé of tenrs. Tlieir happy inllucnce on joung ladiea vhilc suflcring um'.cr the usual chnngcs of lifc as dirccted by the Itiwa of nature, they impart a buoyancy of heari, iïieling and action, an elnsiic sie'p, vel vet clicek, Iillyand carnation complexión by tMéir action on tho chylc. &i,-. and !adie. in ],:iicatesituañons always admit their power .inri mnocence, and take therVi two or threé at a time without in the alightcst degreo incuiriiifj tho hazard ofan abortion; which facts are of t'hc utmost unportance. Pimplos; a yoún'g lady sent lier lovcto Dr. Peters, and saysshefeels niore gratefu' to liim for the restoration of her beauty than ifhe had saved herlife. 'Tis fun tt. get well with Teters Piils.for they cause tlië blood to course as limpid and gcntle through tlie veins as a rivulet; 3 or 4 6 a common dose, henee the patiënt is not compelled to make a mcal.TROUBLE IN PLUTCTS CAMP. Quite astonished Öld Pluto cameto New Yrk (Höarihg Petera had got his Pi!! Engine at work, loresign his cominissioij, his hour loss anc scythe; I have come to deliver them al! up to you- Sir. my callipg is over- my business ia through; 1 have been for threeyears iiia terrible stcw, And I really don't know wha't oa earth Tam te do; - Not of your migbty sire do I come to complain, liut a tamal New Yorker, one PETERS by name; The diseases my aids. in tliis war of mankind, Are subdued by this Peters, wliat help eau we find? I would yield hirn N. York. sir, if öïere lic would stay; But, eir, Peters ml[ have-the whole world for hi sway. Whüe musing in cogncil what conree to pursuc. I liai Lupino o.rPfier broke foj-jji uno view. The King of terrors lookcd a while. A thoögh liis soul was tuned to bilc, At that nïisp'arrng scourge of ills, Byall incii knnwn as Peters' Pilis. These Pilis f Pe.fers'-stop the sfaughter. And leaves the hloorl ;is )ure ns water. Now Peters niakes. I've heard him say, . Fvc lnindred ihousand pills a d;iy; So that the chañen is very smaíl Of poople dying there"at nll; For soon tlie cheeks. so inarked for doom, Begin like any rose to bloom.Look hefc! all vtfto try óónnnuc (o bvy die For Sale na follows, l.y Messrs. Bcacli & Abc O. Crcnville, F. J. B. (hints, Maynan!. &. Co. r. Ward, S. J'. &J. (;. Jtj j. lL Lund M. Becker, DickeiiBon & Cogswel!, nnd S. K Jones, Ann Arbor: Geo. Warner &. and J Millerd & Son, üexter, Wi, A. L. Shaw. Li-' ma; J. C. Wmans, Sylvt.n, Hah, & Smith. OrassLake; W. Jackson, Luoni: 1). T. Mcrriitan. Jaokson; M. A. Stíoferifoher, Michigári Centre; BrotherBon Ar, Co., L. B. Kief 6c Gilcrt. Manohestcr; ]). S. Haywoóa, Saline; Snow t Kcys, Clinton; J. Scattcrgood & Co.. Plyinnuli; Stonc. Bnbcock &Co., and Julins. MoviSifeCo., Xpsüami; Pierre Teller. Detroit; J. fe J. Bidwptl, and Dr.ufn3èrw66ó', Adrion; Inrt 'Só Moahërj Spriiiíivíll: Ilarmen'& Cook' Jrooklyn; Siniih No Co., JonoBville; L. MHoyce, Clücigo- and aluioet every wliercelse. Oct. 1Í). ÏS'JS 27_IyPainting. T. LAMBER T, BEGS loave tó inform ilic inhabiiaiils of Aan Arbor, and die aurrouiKÍin country, thai aying lucated liiiusell" n ilie Lowcr ViLlage ith the view of carrying on the above Èifóntès i all its brnnches, (some of wbich are HOUSE, SIGN. and ni amen tai Païiitïiig GILDING and GLAZING, GRALMNG, in miiiation oí olí Woods, MARfJLKJZJIVG" TKAN.SPAUENCiny, RANIS'EKS, &c: rcspuctlully solicits a shnrc of public jiatronnge, as his prices eiiall be luw lo conform to tbc tiines and his wórk done in thu best niimnur. T. L. tvould say to Farmers thnt he is particularly desirous to attend to their calis, as produce is the best kiud of pay. Ann Arbor, LowerTown, Marcli G. 1843. '45 - y.GKOUNI) PLASTEE. 1-IÏKK REDUCKD TO KIXE DOLLARS TER TOK. TUF. subscribcrs have nmv on linnd and will continuo 10 keep a poo.l siifipJy of G round Piaster, n Barrels, n; UieirSiore in Detroit, (123, JcíTcrson Avenue,) nnd in JJuik, at their 1' 'Laster MUL on the River Road, half way between Ypsilnnti and Ann Arbor. The abovo is from the Séneca Falls und Grand Ricer Piaster Beds, both noted for their superioriy- ELDRED &. CO. January 12, 1843J 46-6m.CELEBKATED CHEMICAL PLASTER, The most effectual remedy yct discoverrd for liknimtrlism, rever Sores,. White Stcellirtgs, bijlammation in the Eyes, Steelled Throat in ScarItt Ferer, (uinsey, c. tj-c, THE CHEMICAL PLASTER ie on important rernedy for those wlio nre afflicted with clironic nncl inlkinimatory comploints, by its ensing pain, counteracting inllatinnatio:, aud giving speedy relief by its active, strengthening, anodyne, diaphoreiicand counterirrit.intpropertics an eflectual remcdy for Ciironic and lmflanimatory Rheum,at;sm, Aguc in ihe Breast, Scalds, JJurns. Brnises, Scrofula, ülcers, Old Sores of almost every description. Cankered and Swellrd Throat arigjng from Scarlet Feyer, Felons, White Swellingii, Chilblains, &c. Persons suflering fromLiver CoinpIaintH, Tulmohary diseases, Jnflannnation of the Lungs. with pam in the side, hack or limhs, will find relief hy the use of this riasrer. In all cases it may be used with perfect ealety. E. DEA1VS CHEMICAL PtASTER ü put up in l)oxes at lilty cents and one dollar cach, vvitli iull direciions accompauying ench box. Maniifnctured and sold wholcsale by H. IIAHRIS &, CO.. Ashtiibula, Ühio. sole proprictois. to whom all orders shouid be üdilret-SL-d. Sold' olè thèir AgeniB ihronghout the country. (Lr"A liberal discount made to dealers and physicians. For testimoniáis and certificatea from persons of the highest respectibility, whó have n.sed the Chemical Piaster, see another column of this paper. For sale by tito íollowing Agenta in Michigan: IJ. W. Rood. ilcs, ö J. C. Larrimoic, ' C. Skanahiin, Edwardsbureli. Win. O. Austin, White Pigeon. Isaac Bcnliam. Jr., 'Conaiantine. Danl. L. Kiniberly, Schoolcraft. H. B. Ilusión, &F. March.jrPMKalamazoo. James W. Cothrcn. P. M. Galesburgh. T. L. J5o!ki:.)ni. P. M. Bntlle Crcek. Jamea M. Parsons, P. M. Marshnll. Paul II) mond. Drogist, Jackson. Win. Jiickson, P. M. Leorii. Halean'd SnífíHj Grass Lake. John C. Winans, Sylvan, ■ J iMiüeid & Son, Dextcr. Thomas P. May, Jr. Plymoutli, Pcrin &'Hálr, Norihville, Mead & JVtcGarthyí, Farurington, Peter Van Evcry, Franklin, Julias Dean, Pontinc, Mack & Spraguc, Ilochestcr, Jamrs Stephens, Utica, E. C. Giiüup, Mt. Clemcns, G. &J. G. Hill, Jn John O wen & Co. J egot. Dr. Thos. M. Sweeny, Dcarbornville, E. Ypsilanti, J. H. LUND. ) W. S. & J. W. MAYNARD, Ann Arbor. CHRIST1AN EBERBACH, SÑO FICTIONJ ONE PRÍCE STORE. rriIIE subscriber still coruinues to sell DRY X GOODS, and DRY GROCERIES, ai No. 5, Hurón Block, Loiccr Toion. JJis stock ol each was caretully selected and wcll purchascd, which enables hiin to scll low for rcady pau. Aa he believes the money of the same qunüty of every person, is of the same valué, he wil! solí to all íor the samo price, and no amount of Orator? can swervc him froni tliat course. Persons can make just as good bargains by sending an agent, as to come theni.elves. ín conpcxjoo with the store is a Grist nnd Fi.ourinc xMn.r-, where he wiJI constantly pay Cash for Wheat at the highest rnarket price. Farmers and Wheat buynrs enn have their Gnsting and Flouring done to order and on the most reasonabla terms. Those who w'ish to purchase goods, or get Wheat fioured, would do wcll to cali and enquire his prices, and imo his inanner ot doing busineps. DWÍGFJT KELLOGG. antJ Arbor, Lower Town. Fcb. 28, 1843. 45-t.DR. BAiNISTER'S CELKHUATJCD FEVER AGÜE ntLS.Purdy l'esctabU, A safe, spcedy, andsurn remedy tof fever and ague, dutn agüe, chili fever, and the bilious diseases peculiar to new countries. These pïïls aïe desigñéd for (he nfFecrions of the liver and other internol orans which nttend the diseasesof the new and iniasmaticportiousof our country. The proprietor hm-in- tried them in a öi vanety oi cases confidcntly believes ihat they are Superior to any remedy that has ever been oireicd to the public for the above íiseáees It is purely VtgètÜbVé and perfeetly harmlcpg.. and can hc taken hy any person, male or ieinale witli perfect safeiy. The pulsare propared in two separate (oxcp rnnrked ]o. 1 and No. 2. nnd aceconipanied vvith titll directions. A fírent nüráb'er of oertificates mi-ílit be procured in favor of this medicine, but ihe proprietcr has insert them. in as much as he depends upon the merits oï the sanie íbr its repiitaiion. The above pill is kept constnntly on hnnd by the propneter and cari be had at wliolesale and at the store of Beckley & Co. Orders from the country pronipdy attended to. Ann Arbor, (lowcr town) Mny29th 1.S42. 0 L. BKCKLÈV.TUE subscriher wou ld fierchy give notice lo the farmers of VVashienaw, and the neighbornig counties. tliat He hoe m now in operation in Arm Á'r'bof, Lowur 'J'own. wlicrn ]ie inteniJs at all iíidcs to buy FLAX SKKI), (and otlicr Seèds used in making OU.) ind pny the Iiighcst price, and die best oí pav - O.n-k per bushel will bc paid for ood cloan eeed, or, one gallon of Oil giveu for the same quantity. 1'aumkrs are requested to try Flax on iheir biinimer fallows, and thereby avail ihemeelves of two crops instcad oí' one. Mkkchants are requesied to send in their scod md exetenge for Oil in preference to Bend&g to New Yorkor Boston for ir, and ihus kein what noney we liave in our own Stnte. 5]y v JOEL "IDDEN. Aun Arbor, Lower Town, March 1. 1843. '


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